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Legend REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FLH (2014-23)



Fits 2014-23 FLH Models

NOTE: FL: Heavy Duty applications are recommended for 500lb.+ rider and passenger total weight.
NOTE: 14″ REVO ARC Remote Reservoir requires short exhaust.
NOTE: All necessary mounting hardware is included (lower mount)

  • Available in Black, Gold, or Clear Type III Hard-coat Anodize
  • Legend’s touring specific spring rates produce superior ride quality and performance
  • REVO coils provide improved plush ride quality, control, and resistance to bottoming-out
  • REVO’s extended coil length has larger “sweet spot” without increasing overall shock length
  • Allows minimal pre-load adjustments by hand when changing between riders’ weights or loads
  • Adjusts by hand, no tools needed
  • Available in 13″ and 14″, standard or heavy-duty applications
  • Easy installation and alignment, provided by spherical bearings on both top and bottom
  • 35mm monotube construction
  • Deflective disc valve stacks
  • Balanced/Matched piston and base-valve design specific for these motorcycle applications
  • Low friction sealing system and PTFE based sliding bearings for improved performance and feel
  • Seven external knob adjustments allow fine-tuning of rebound
  • Seven external knob adjustments allow fine-tuning of compression
  • Provides optimum rebound and compression performance for any given rider weight, personal ride quality preference, or personal riding style
  • Nitrogen gas bladder design allows ultra-fast response and stiction-free movement
  • Light to heavy riders can fine-tune ride preference
  • Aggressive to casual riding styles can tune to desired quality or personal preference
  • NOTE FL: Heavy Duty applications are recommended for 500lb. + rider and passenger total weight.
  • NOTE DYNA, FXR, SPORTSTER: Heavy Duty application are recommended for 250lb.+ rider and passenger total weight. Also consider Heavy Duty if the majority of your riding is 2-UP, stunt riding, or aggressive riding style.
  • P65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made by hand in Sturgis, SD USA
Dimensions: 35 × 11 × 5 in
Weight: 13

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Legend REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FLH (2014-23)



Written on   2021-08-04 16:56:29

Just got mine installed today and what a difference they are! I am so happy with the product, and the sales team is amazing. Fast shipping and here when they said they would be.

Legend REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FLH (2014-23)


Reviewer   chase@legendsuspensions.com

Written on   2021-07-29 11:17:05

Hello David, Thank you so much for reaching out and thank you truly for your business, it really is appreciated. This kind of real-world input reminds us why we do what we do everyday. Your feedback is so valuable to Legend Suspensions as well as other future customers so they can make educated suspension choices. Welcome to the Legend Suspensions family.

Legend REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FLH (2014-23)



Written on   2021-07-29 10:42:25

Holly toledo Batman!!!!! I’m dead fricken speechless on how well my Legend Arc Remotes Performed during an 8 day multi state run from Santa Barbara, Ca to Huntsville, Utah! It was the wife and I 2 up and loaded down on my 2016 Ultra Limited Low. I went with the 13in by the way. My wife was shocked at how well they performed and comfortable they rode. We traveled through all sorts of different types of road whether it was puttin through long desert straight with an occasional railroad xing to some shitty half paved pot hole, rutt infested Canyon roads to curvy mountain range stuff. Never once did they bottom out and they remained stout and comfortable as hell. Very important Don’t forget to set the sag properly. I didn’t set the sag properly and the rear end was bouncing all over. I pulled into a dealership and they hooked me up. Just so you know I went from stock rears to progressive 944 lows before adding these bad ass mofo’s. No joke people!!! I’m definitely sold on adding Legend Front Suspension to my bike in the future!

Legend REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FLH (2014-23)


Reviewer   scott.woldt@yahoo.com

Written on   2021-05-18 11:52:35

Ever been out riding and come upon a road that had just been resurfaced with blacktop? I just got my Revo Arc's Friday and rode with my wife Sunday. We both agreed, even on the old crappy road we were on, the ride was as smooth as new blacktop. Played with the compression and got it dialed in at 4. Next ride we will try the rebound. Big fan! I have a 2015 CVO Street Glide. My wife rides too. We ride 2 up half the time. She as been complaining about the suspension for a while. Not any longer!

Legend REVO ARC Remote Reservoir FLH (2014-23)


Reviewer   GREG BUTLER

Written on   2021-04-21 10:14:58

Love these shocks! Completely night and day compared to stock suspension. Legend was quick to respond with answers to all the questions I had and took care of this veteran. Awesome company with awesome products. I will have Legend Suspensions on all my bikes!