Legend Suspensions


Introducing the AXEO Performance a cutting-edge front suspension system designed to elevate the riding experience for enthusiasts seeking unmatched agility, comfort, and control.

NEW! REVO ARC Billet Remote Reservoir External Mounts. Designed for 2014 and newer FL Touring models equipped with or without H-D quick-release docking hardware.

Excellent customer service!I had a lot of conversations with Jared Kuno about an issue I was having regarding my Revo A shocks. Jared emailed me promptly providing detailed information on how to solve my issue. He even offered advise on installation and send videos and links to help.The shocks themselves are excellent and I would definitely recommend. Legend shocks are the best I have ever used. Thanks for your support Jared!
Oz A.
I appreciate the fast service. Great experience with company and staff
Inez B.
I installed AXEO Comfort Touring fork cartridges on my 2018 Ultra Limited. What a change, this made it a whole new machine. It is, simultaneously softer and just soaks up small bumps and road vibrations while being stiffer overall. It cut way down on dive during braking and cornering amd really keeps the tire on the road. This is one of the last upgrades to be done on my bike, but going forward, it will be among the forst upgrades on future bikes. Amazing improvement.
Randy A.
2024 Harley Tri Glide installed Revo A 13.6 just do it 💯 still can’t believe how smooth it is now.
John P.
Excellent. Tried another manufacturer and they steered me into the most horrible set of shocks. I tried Legend and after Jared explained my options he hooked me up with a set of Revo-A rear shocks. WOW What a difference. Easy install and the setup was even easier. The ride is stellar, I enjoy my motorcycle again. So much so I am going to order the Axeo front cartridges that were also recommended. Excellent company. They really listen to the customer.
Glenn K.
This is my fourth suspension purchase from Legend. Always the best quality and customer service. I installed Revo Arcs on my new CVO RGST. Although the Showa shocks that come on the CVO RGST are much better than stock Harley shocks, the Revo Arcs are twice as good as the Showa shocks that come standard on the CVO RGST. They make this bike even better and more comfortable. Thanks Legend... and thanks Jared for sending out those spacers so quickly!
Edward N.
Quality motorcycle products at great prices. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and have a quick turnaround on products.
I have been dealing with Colt rebuilding and upgrading my Axeo shocks to the Axeo 21. I couldn't been any happier with the service and information Colt supplied. On top of that they delivered the shocks ahead of their timelines. I would not deal with anyone else. Service and the product is fabulous. Thankyou Legend Team and especially Colt!!!!
Bob N.
Well I got my rear shocks and they look nice, not only that but the quality of the materials used you know its good. it's still winter and my bike is on storage so I have not put them on yet, but they look nice. After they are installed and take my 400 mile ride I will update this review. #BikeLife #WinterTravel 🚲⛄️03/17/2024--okay after riding for 400 miles boy I can sure tell the difference, Normally going over railroad tracks I could feel it, with the revo A installed I cannot even notice it, it's very smooth. The only thing I need to do is adjust them since I didn't have another person to measure. All in all right out of the box and put on, I'm very well pleased. If you go on long rides you need to buy these.
The Legends crew was bang on as always! Thanks for the great service!
Jamie A.
This suspension is amazing. The handling of the bike is so much better. Would recommend these any day. Great job Legend team
Steve E.
I have run Legends on all my bikes for years, they just keep getting better. I also suggest them for all of my customers. Keep doing what your doing.
Mike N.
After talking with Jared I ordered the Legend Revo A shocks for my 2016 CVO Road glide. Unfortunately have not put on very many miles yet. The short ride I did do, I am very impressed so far. after I get done with a trip coming up shortly, (1000 + miles) I will submit another review.Customer satisfaction, I will give Jared 5 stars all the way. I am VERY satisfied that I went with Legends.Side note to all others installing. When I removed the Dirty Air system, shock hardware was 2 1/2 inches. That is too long. Correct hardware is 1/2-13-2. I bought the bolts at O'Reilly's, grade 8 bolt, part number 960-420D.If any Vets are reading this and considering a purchase, contact Jared and he will give instructions on how to get 10% off.
James E.
Order a set of the Revo-A shocks. I found the instruction very detailed and easy to follow. And with the assists of a family member I was able to get the shock set up. Been riding with the new shock for about 2 weeks now and its almost night and day the differents from stock. Due to my size, the Harley shocks had no sag and were very stiff almost like a hard tail for me. The Revo-A shock have made a world of different for me. A much more enjoyable ride now.
Stephen I.
Awesome shocks. And awesome customer service
Gary B.
I took the leap, and did the AXEO, front end, and the RevoA shocks. I am a big guy, 6'4" and a little over 300. I have a 2017 Dyna Wide Glide. I can not recommend this set up more! I went with 13" heavy duty! The forks and shocks are amazing! The bike handles way better, and I am not bottoming out on the roads anymore! It was a great investment! I have to give thanks to your team. I had sent an email with questions, and received a response quickly! If you are considering doing this to your bike, I will attest it is well worth it!
Doggy S.
Great and awesome product revo arc on my street glide, rides like a dream. Highly recommend.
James C.
My husband replaced his stock air shocks with Revo-A shocks on his Harley. He said the ride is a thousand times better now. This fall he noticed a small leak, took them off and returned them for repair. No issues no concerns shipped them out from Canada and had them back in two weeks fully repaired. Great warranty, fantastic service and custom paperwork for the return was done quickly and correctly. I highly recommend this company and these shocks!
Dr. Laurie F.
Absolutely the best customer service I've ever received! I had an issue with my shocks and the team at Legend Suspensions took care of the issue with an incredible response time, an actual person to communicate with, and an in depth explanation of everything that needed to happen to get me my shocks back in record time. I can't say enough good things about the level of service I received, and I recommend them to all my riding buddies! Buy them, you'll be happy you did!
Travis Van R.
Excellent service and parts!
Bill M.
I had sent my rear suspension off my Dyna to have it serviced/converted. From start to finish, I felt like I was treated like their best customer. Quick and thorough communication. I had made a mistake on my return address, and they were super quick to fix my error. The best part, though, was how incredibly fast the turnaround was. Once they had received my old suspension, they had completely rebuilt and resprung them, and had them back on the UPS truck to me that very same day. Every component was fresh and new. It felt like I received a completely new set-up! To me, that is top-notch customer service. And the price was fair! Legend Suspensions will have my continued support and business.
Charles C.
I want to say that I received top notch customer service. Sent shocks in on a Friday, received them back the very next Friday!!When I spoke with them, they made me feel liked they really cared.I will continue to purchase Legends shocks always.Mike LaChapelle
Mike L.
Ordered piggybacks for my fxr.Simple, easy stepsNo rides on them yet.Installation A+Customer service A+Great company with a sense of connection with new age Harley riders.
Kristopher M.
I had a issue and customer service was very good
jacob T.
Goede service en supersnelle verzendingIn
Eric W.
Legend Suspension is the best around when it comes to product and standing behind their product. Have worked with them for many years on many projects. Always my number one recommended suspension company.
Tyler S.
Best experience with this company. Have the amazing Revo Arc on my rear. But, my best experience is with my front shocks. Axeo on the front stock at first. Upgraded to a 21 fatty. I let them know. They told me to send in the shocks again, they adjusted them, and got them back to me in 3 days!! Did not make me buy whole new shocks. For a small fee, they took amazing care of everything. Referring my whole riding group and everyone I know to this company. They are 100% the best out there. No Harley rider should use any other company!
Reese S.
Fantastic working them, very helpful and knowledgeable 👌.. thanks for going the extra mile ✌️
Scot B.
Replacing the stock suspension on my Harleys’ is high up on my list of things to do when I get a new bike! Legends are a very good shock for this purpose. You get what you pay for with this company. Excellent customer service/support and an awesome warranty to back up what they sell.
Marc Baker (.
Turn around on rebuilding socks, far superior than anyone else! They stand behind their product!! Took less 1 1/2 weeks to send it in and get the return..
cameron W.
I have run Legend Axeo front and Revo-A rear suspension on my 2017 CVO Limited for some time. I couldn't be more pleased. I recently had a warranty issue with one of the rear shocks, and they were very prompt in taking care of the problem. Thanks Legend.
Sent my shocks back for warranty work, rebound dial was leaking, legends had my shocks for 2 days and shipped them back to me! Super fast turn around excellent customer service very happy with the folks at legends, thank you!!
Tommy B.
Great products and great customer service ..
Scott M.
Have had the legend shocks for 4 years now and after that the seal on one of the shocks started leaking I contacted you guys you took immediate care of it within a week after shipping I had my shocks back and on my bike and I was out riding again would recommend these shocks to anybody who has a Harley their shocks are absolutely absolutely great for someone who has a bad back like me I can't afford to be bouncing around too much in your shocks are just perfect customer service and everybody there was really really good they took good care of me and I thank you very much for your time
torquejunkie N.
Highly recommend everything legends has to offer. Amazing suspension and apparel is top notch.
Jamison C.
Sent my legend shocks in under warranty and they fixed them without questions. They stand behind there products. Legends all the way! Thanks!
Elies Y.
I recently contacted Legend support team and asked them several questions about the front springs and rear shocks I wanted to buy and which setups I should go with. Within a couple of hours Colt had reached out to me and answered all my questions ( and I had many). He knew what I wanted and told me the set up I should go with, not trying to up sell from what I wanted. I received the shocks I wanted but still had questions on setting them up. He got back to me in no time and explained to me how to get my bike setup right.There is no doubt in my mind about the quality of these suspension parts and my bike rides like a dream, so I want to make sure Colt and anyone else who may work with the support team get's the credit they deserve. If you want to have a great experience like I did I strongly recommend dealing with them, you won't regret it.
William B.
Warranty work preformed on RevoA great response...great turnaround...Thank you....
michael Z.
Amazing difference over stock shocks. On trip to biketoberfest other bikers in our group would yell out bump indicating a really rough spot in road and I would barely feel the bump
Terry M.
I have had my legends for my 2017 Harley for 5 years. One of them leaked & they replaced both under warranty. Great customer service.
One of my Revo-A's dumped all the oil when I turned the adjustment knob, so I sent them in for a rebuild. Quality feels great, got them back on the bike, and it rides great. They were received, rebuilt, and ready to ship back out in less than 24 hours.
Only downfall was the shipping. I never thought $40 for shipping would take 14 total days in transit. 🤷‍♂️
David S.
I purchased the air ride a's for my 23 road glide special and I love them. It is a great company with good people. And the customer service is about the best I've ever experienced.
Matthew D.
I had 13” Revo-A’s on my 2020 Ultra Limited but I needed to get a little lower for my 5’7” height. Emailed Legends to find out my options and Colt told me they could convert them to 12”. So I sent them in and received them back in less than a week! The conversion got me to the height I needed, and my confidence on my bike has soared! The ride is awesome, and the customer service exceptional!! I highly recommend Legends suspension, and if you just need to convert your original shocks. Thanks guys, you made me love my bike again!!
Anthony da Graça S.
Great Service from Legend Suspensions. I'm a certified Harley Davidson technician and have been working in the industry for approx 10 years. I've experienced all kinds of different suspension systems and in my opinion, you can't beat Legend suspensions AND their warranty. I've been running the REVO ARC with the remote reservoir on my 2019 HD Ultra Limited for 26,000 miles and absolutely love them. I ride both solo and two up, with the tourpak and without ... so I'm frequently adjusting my SAG to get the best ride. I always clean the adjuster springs before making changes, but I guess one time I didn't clean them thoroughly enough and it bound up and I couldn't adjust it anymore. I contacted Legends and they promptly arranged shipment, they made the repair free of charge and returned them in perfect condition. Yes, Legends are a little expensive, but you get what you pay for and they stand behind their products. I always recommend them to everyone riding a Harley.
E. Ben U.
Top quality parts and service.. Installed the complete Legends air suspension... Once you understand that you MUST set your sag at 3/4 inch for solo and also 2up and learn those psi with a gauge..Mine is 80psi solo and 120psi two up... Don't change them. THINK OF IT AS PRELOAD ON A SPRING... The suspension works great...I have put several thousand miles on it and it works great. I did have an issue with the air spring rubbing the back of the bag with a speaker grill and i contacted Legends to have it repaired.. they walked me through the process and got them back as good as new. No fuss or bother.. Great customer service. I would definitely recommend Legends suspension products.
Paul S.
I bought the Legends back and front for my 2014 Lowrider. I never liked the stock suspension so I put together the money and had the Legend installed at my local Independent Shop - Ironcraft.They came with a life time warranty that I thought at the time I would never use.Took a big trip in the USA for 6 weeks and at one point hit a set of railway tracks that bottomed out the Legend rear shocks.I noticed after being home for awhile they were leaking. I guess that railway track did a number on them.I've owned the shocks for 5 years, sent them back to Legend and no questions asked and within one week I had my shocks back.I had blown a seal on those railway tracks, not only did the shocks get new seals, they got completely rebuilt which is standard practise at Legends.Lifetime warranty and they stand behind their product, 100%
Greg A.
Shopping experience is always easy here. Unfortunately I was having to purchase another compressor for the air ride on my heritage. The last one made it only about 2 1/2 years and only has a 2 year warranty.Edit:After leaving this review I was contacted by Matt from their technical support team. When I explained the failure to the old compressor he told me that even though the warranty is two years they expect the compressor to last 6 to 8 years. They are refunding me my money for the second compressor. Great customer service and standing behind their product.
Jason B.
Quality product and great customer service. performance is amazing. I put a set of 2 + front cartridges and 14 in rear revo-a. Now the FXR handles like my supermoto and I got to keep myself from trying to jump every loading dock and ramp i find.
Richard F.
When my bike was in for service, the tech noticed one of my shocks was leaking. I Contacted legend and the shocks were enroute to their factory the same day. Turn around time was less than 12 days and they were back on my bike. Easy and efficient warranty repair. They don't make you jump through unreasonable hoops and get them back quickly
Mike B.
Big Shout out to Jared Kuno who handled my Case from A-Z, I totally love my brand new front & rear Revo A St Suspension. I just came back from 3000+ km ride to eastern Canada and it was a smooooth Ride!
Anthony Di C.
Decided to upgrade front and rear on my 2017 FLSS. Best decision I ever made. She rides like a dream. A totally different, and more secure feeling under me, when scooting around. Front end dive is gone, and the rear absorbs the bumps with ease. Thank you Legend Suspension for a great product made in the USA.
Brian G.
I have Legends suspension on front and back. The ride has been great. I then noticed that I was bouncing waaay to much and realized that my rear suspension wasn't working anymore. A little math later, I realized it had 108K miles and 2 1/4 years on them. My HD dealer processed the warranty with Legends and shipped them. A week later I had them back and rebuilt! All on warranty and they work great. I now realize how bad they were before sending them in for rebuild! Thanks Legends.
Charles W.
I've been installing Legend suspension for many years with great results. Our customers always rave about how much better the suspension is than the stock Harley suspension. On the rare occasion that we need warranty service, Legend is always excellent.
Black Hills Custom P.
Amazing staff. Took bike in ahead of schedule. Looking forward to our new comfy ride.
Robert New W.
Shout out to the folks at Legend Suspensions! I emailed them 10 days ago about needing warranty work on the shocks I bought six years and 50k miles ago. I just put the replacements for them on today. Hassle free and blazing fast service. Thank you so much. They are worth every penny.
Dave K.
Great product & customer Service!
Bill H.
Matt S and the crew, you guys ROCK!!!
Randy M.
Before power adders buy suspension components from these guys. Such a huge difference. Fast shipping and phenomenal Performance.
Robert M.
Customers are always happy after installing Legend suspension systems. Great American made products with unsurpassed quality.
Danville Moto S.
My Legend Revo A's improved the ride of my UltraLimited significantly. Also the lifetime warranty is a wonderful added piece of mind.
Mark C.
I remember meeting Jesse and the boys their first Daytona Bikeweek, its been a 20+ friendship. I'm happy to say I finally put an Air Suspension on my bike and went with the OG. They did not disappoint. Thankful to have the BEST in the business on my bike!! Thank you Legends for many years of providing top quality to all of us!
Renee D.
I am happy the way it changed the handling of my 19 UL. it handles the corners a lot better. Smoother ride. Don’t feel all the bumps as much. after 50,000 on stock shocks this is a big difference. I would definitely recommend legend to others.
Scott from Connecticut.
Scott K.
I noticed over cold days my shocks would leak I emailed legend and explained what was going on they emailed me right away with a solution I paid my invoice and they sent me a shipping label I am very pleased with the turn around they did and the job the shocks look brand new every peace of hardware redone right keep up the good work team.
Highly recommended these shocks and company.
Devin M.