Legend Suspensions


Introducing the AXEO Performance a cutting-edge front suspension system designed to elevate the riding experience for enthusiasts seeking unmatched agility, comfort, and control.

NEW! REVO ARC Billet Remote Reservoir External Mounts. Designed for 2014 and newer FL Touring models equipped with or without H-D quick-release docking hardware.

After having the Revo-A shocks on my RG for almost 3 years, they started to weep from the rebound adjustment knob. I contacted Legend and received a Return request within 48 hrs. Because the shocks were older than a year I did need to pay for shipping. Literally less than a week for shipping,both directions, and repair work, they were returned to me! Excellent customer service!
Kevin O.
I just installed my first pair of Legend Revo-A's on my 2014 Dyna Street Bob. I've been riding and modifying motorcycles for the better part of 20 years now and never have I done a modification that changed and improved a motorcycle more than these Revo's! Sure, I've upgraded plenty of shocks/suspension components on previous bikes - but none of them made as much difference. The install was as simple as it gets with incredibly clear and concise instructions included in the box. The packaging was top notch. The shipping was fast. I went with the 13" standard duty Revo-A's on the recommendation of Legend's customer support. After an injury a few years ago, my riding time often maxes out at about 1 hour or 100 miles. On my first ride after the install, I cleared 150 miles before I knew it and felt like I could've completed another 150 (or more). In this case, you absolutely get what you pay for. I will be a Legend customer for life (and am already saving up for the Axeo front cartridges).
Thomas C.
Love their product I have a set of Revo arcs for a few years now one of them had a slight leak sent them in for warranty they did both of my shocks with a really fast turnaround their customer service is top notch
Tucked in and hidden. Perfect ride front and rear, thanks..
Phillip H.
Fantastic products that will change your life and amazing service.....thumbs up fellas
Had been riding another company shocks for several years, installed the Revo A shocks on my Road Glide and I am amazed at the ride quality difference. Haven’t had a chance to play with the rebound yet but I am hooked, front shocks soon!!!
Bill C.
Suspension de qualité garantie à vie et un SAV au top!!
Yohann Baaboura F.
You guys a great. Hands down the best customer service. You received my shocks around 10:30 and around 12:00 you were waiting on ups to pick them back up. Now I’m back enjoying my ride again.Thanks again to all that work at Legend.
Fantastic service from the folks at Legends. They stand by their products and I'm proud to own them.
Matt B.
Bought front and rear legends for my 2019 FLHXS and do not regret buying them. They may be a little pricey but are well worth the purchase. I’m glad that I put them on the bike early in its lifetime.
Hunter R.
I own and operate a cycle shop in Central PA and I use the parts that I sell.I have had Legend suspension on the front and back of both of my bikes for years now and I could not be happier with the quality of the ride whether I'm carving twisty mountain roads or crushing miles doing 1K in a day rides.I had just about 70,000 miles on my Revo-A shocks when one or both broke. Legend rebuilt the shocks under their lifetime warranty and shipped them out the same day they received them!I can't say enough about the people at Legend and the quality products they put out!
Jason S.
Great people great products very easy to talk to.
Jerome L.
Air - AAfter three really bad experiences on my 2016 RG CVO (120k) , a pothole, massive dip on the freeway and a divot from construction on a surface street, after talking to my friends all agreed that the common issue was the garbage stock "air shocks", the pothole experience, at a slow roll, threw me off the bike injuring my foot that I needed surgery, during my recovery I repaired the damage but it was a breaking point for me, I placed my order and had everything that week, I included the Air Diamond cut gauge that I mounted on the left lower, flawless install. in the pothole debacle my heated grips on the left were wasted, and being in San Diego I can live without them, so I cut the heated grip power connector off and ran a wire to the gauge, then directly to the harness.. Perfection... The complete install was so fast and easy that I wished it took a little longer.. if I had anything other then saying my overall experience was excellent is that I should have used Teflon tape at the back of the Air Gauge when I installed.. Overall, LEGEND A-Air are a game changer, the ride is incredible, and knowing that I'm running a product that could mean the difference between life and death is comforting, because I ride with precious cargo, don't wait until it's too late.My next purchase will be the REVO ARC RR Black 13" for my 07 Road King custom (115k), Super excited for that install..
Scott B.
Originally I was very upset with the warranty process, after reaching out to Legend they were able to work with me. Over all i am satisfied.
Zach D.
Broke a rear shock coming home from Colorado, filled out the online warranty claim, paid the return shipping fee, and within a week my shocks were back on the bike good as new,Coupled with the axeo fronts and this ride is down right fun,Acceleration, braking, handling, flikabilty, far exceeds oem suspension
Dan L.
Ordered directly from Legend’s website and was super easy. I ordered Black 13” Std Duty ARC shocks and am more than happy with them! I should’ve bought these a long time ago! Night and day ride quality from the factory Harley stuff. My ONLY complaint is that I did order the relocation brackets for the reservoirs and they will NOT work for my year of bike due to me having the docking system. I do wish this was explained a little better on the website so I didn’t feel like I wasted my money. The brackets would work IF I didn’t have the docking system. Aside from the Relocation Bracket ordeal, my experience has been TOP NOTCH and I’m already looking into buying the front cartridges for my 2011 FLHX. Highly recommended!!
Great shocks and customer serviceShipped them my shocks to rebuild and had them back on my bike in 10 daysThank to allRay
Ray F.
Wow ! What a big difference and absolutely amazing. Changed the rear shocks to the Revo A and went for a ride. Right away, I noticed a big difference and a much smoother ride. I'm going to lower the rebound to a 2 and hope it makes it even better. I have 5 herniated discs in my back and neck, rode for 2hrs straight on the country roads to check them out, and I feel great ! I thought I was only riding for maybe an hour or so. I'm going to change the front suspension and am looking forward to some really enjoyable riding. I was a little apprehensive at spending the money, but I wish I'd done it long ago. Thanks, Legend and to all your staff.
Kirk P.
Wow ! What a big difference and absolutely amazing. Changed the rear shocks to the Revo A and went for a ride. Right away, I noticed a big difference and a much smoother ride. I'm going to lower the rebound to a 2 and hope it makes it even better. I have 5 herniated discs in my back and neck, rode for 2hrs straight on the country roads to check them out, and I feel great ! I thought I was only riding for maybe an hour or so. I'm going to change the front suspension and am looking forward to some really enjoyable riding. I was a little apprehensive at spending the money, but I wish I'd done it long ago. Thanks, Legend and to all your staff.
Kirk P
Legends completely changed the way my bike road and handled. Love these shocks. My only regret is that I should have done it sooner.
Kevin C.
To Jared and all the team, good job. Bought this bike used with only 5k on it. It came with the Legend Revo A shocks. From the get go I could feel a knocking. Took awhile to nail it down but finally figured it out and found it was the shocks. Don’t know the history of these shocks and why they went bad, but Legend came to the rescue. They offered me a rebuild cost and that’s a lot cheaper than replacing. So for a guy who got a set of used shocks and no warranty, Legend stood behind their product. Turn around from Canada and back in 2 weeks. Good job and thanks again.
Philip M.
Had my Revo Arcs rebuilt and they did a great job and sent them back in a very short time. They were very helpful with tips on installation.
Ben C.
Reasonable price on the shocks I had rebuilt, extremely quick turn around.
clint C.
Customer service was excellent and my upgrades were done fast and the shipping from and to Australia was excellent I would highly recommend legend suspension
Daren K.
definitely better than stock Road Glide shocks. I emailed them about the shocks I had on my other bike and they let me know I could swap them with just using a different hardware kit. UPS doesn't take the best route to Gillette though not Legends fault. went from Sturgis to Rapid to Nebraska to denver to casper then to Gillette.
Troy S.
Replaced my factory Harley Road Glide rear suspension with the Legend Revo's. Huge difference. Highly recommend.
None G.
Top notch company, responded with the quickness. Received my repaired/replaced shocks in 4 days. Unbelievable
Mark B.
Installed a set of the REVO-A on my Shovel project. I liked them so much I added a set to my other FXR shovel.
Jacob B.
Warranty repair, 2018 RG shocks installed shortly after purchasing new. Shocks developed oil seep/leak with estimate 32~35k miles on them.Sent pics to Legends, agreed on repair with cost to me shipping only. Shocks were repaired and sent back within 24 hours of receiving. Could not be more satisfied with their service.
Mark H.
I bought a bike with air ride and love the way it rides. My air ride quit working so I figured out that it was the pump and sent them an email and they got me back up and going best customer service that you can ask for and very helpful
Kyle S.
I’m very pleased with the front and rear Legend Suspension that I put on my 2011 Road King. They made the bike ride better than new and were easy to install with the detailed instructions provided. I highly recommend this company and their amazing suspension system.
Robert H.
For someone with a bad back having The right suspension on a software and The right seat makes a huge difference. Thank you, legends.
Pete G.
I ride a 2016 Freewheeler. The suspension from the factory is almost non existent.I had questions and wrote to Legends. They were great answering all of my questions. Weren't pushy and gave me a recommendation.They are finally installed. I couldn't believe how much better the ride is !This is a quality company that makes a great product !
David P.
Such great guys, their customer services are top notch! They are quick to respond about questions and concerns and are very flexible to help you design your ideal suspension package, I am not a paid for review at all I just use their products on all my bikes and my customers bikes wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!!
kelton R.
I bought a bike with an older version of rear air ride that was leaking. They offered me a great price to upgrade to the newest version, got my new shocks within 8 business days.
Jeff S.
The quality of the product absolutely speaks for itself. I love the adjustability and the ride is amazing. The customer service was top notch and when asked if they honor a military discount.....there was no question. It was a yes. I installed both fronts and backs myself. The instructions were completely clear and very detailed. Thanks to all at Legend. I would do it again tomorrow if I had to.
Secretary C.
These guys responded very quickly to get the process started. I sent the shocks on a Monday and had them back to my doorstep on Friday. Highly recommend this company for great old school service!
Michael H.
Hands down the best upgrade done to date! I knew it would it would be good, but was still blown away at the difference! Hats off to the crew at Legend, you are….the best!
Mark H.
Awesome service. Was able to email back and forth with questions. Everyone was friendly and took time to answer my questions. I made my order and it shipped out the next day. I had it in my hands in less than a week from placing my order. I can’t wait to get my suspension installed and start putting some miles down.
Brian C.
got legend all way around 2020 RG one of the rears was leaking sent them back and they replaced them turn around was quick best shocks I ever had love them.
Richard K.
LOVE YOUR SHOCKS on my 2017 HD Low Rider Dyna! Easy install and it feels like I am riding on a cloud. MUCH BETTER handling in the corners too!!!Thank you for making a PHENOMENAL suspension! #hornsupthrottleback
Jamie T.
I have been using Legends for years now. This is my 5th bike with legends. I’ve had every setup they have from a soortster all the way to ultra classic and every bike in between. We’ve tried all the suspensions set ups with cartridges in the front and revos in the rear. We tried the air and the arcs. They have all been fantastic. If I have had any sort of issues they have stood behind their products. I can not express to you how good it makes you feel when someone actually stands behind their product. I issues nothing just provide your receipt. Anyways enough about that. We just swapped out our legends air suspension to some new revo arcs with the reservoir. The air shocks served their purpose however I’m getting old and the comfort of these new Revo Arcs is unsurpassable. They ridge so nice. I highly recommend every single product they carry and the company and owners themselves. It has been a true pleasure dealing with these guys over the years.
Rayne-Storm C.
We’ve been recommending and installing Legends front and rear suspensions on our customers bikes(and our own) for quite some time. Their products literally sell themselves!! Honestly every customers calls or messages the shop shortly after leaving with their new suspension installed and RAVE about how happy they are with the increase in ride quality and handling! Keep up the good work guys!Top shelf products and helped us out quick in a pinch when the Canadian supplier was out of stock! Thanks!!👌🏻👊🏻JohnHowler Custom CycleKamsack SK Canada
John B.
Great equipment, great support, very easy to install. A must for all riders
Rodolfo L.
Greatest shocks there is. Change my whole bike. Legends stands behind their product, I had a shock leak and within a few days, mostly shipping time, I had them fixed and back on my bike. I highly recommend.
Adam S.
I recommend buying any Legend Suspension product. I just had my shocks refurbished. It was a pleasant experience dealing with their tech support team. Everyone was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. You need to check out their website if you're looking for aftermarket products.
Kevin J. S.
Best customer service I have ever experienced. Thanks a ton!
Had a pair of Revo A's for quite a while. I have no receipt for the warranty. Had one blow out on me a leaked bad. Contacted Legend for repair, and they said $200 plus around $40 shipping.Not so bad, so I sent them away. Once they got them, they repaired them and shipped them back the same day. When I got them back, I thought they sent me a brand new pair. My springs were showing some rust spots, and they even repla e the springs. I think the only part reused was the end caps. Like brand new, I am very pleased. Well worth the rebuild cost. Legend rules.
I got the shocks for my Tri Glide for Christmas and had them installed a few weeks ago and there is a huge difference in the ride quality. I will be getting the fronts done as the next upgrade and couldn’t be happier with the shocks
Dan M.
Ordered the Revo Arc rear suspension. Went on a cross country road trip before I got the suspension installed. So, I got to put in around 5000 miles almost non stop. Once home, I installed the suspension and noticed an immediate difference in the ride comfort. Easy to install, several installation options available, easily adjusted, look good and a decent price. These should be how a stock bike should feel. Well worth the price.
Andrew N.
These guys are amazing. Had a bad install on my Axeos and Legends stepped up. I shipped from Western Canada and had the repair completed and my New Bike up and running in less than 2 weeks. Well done guys, well done. I recommend Legends Suspension to anyone.
Ray M.
Excellent customer service!I had a lot of conversations with Jared Kuno about an issue I was having regarding my Revo A shocks. Jared emailed me promptly providing detailed information on how to solve my issue. He even offered advise on installation and send videos and links to help.The shocks themselves are excellent and I would definitely recommend. Legend shocks are the best I have ever used. Thanks for your support Jared!
Oz A.
I appreciate the fast service. Great experience with company and staff
Inez B.
2024 Harley Tri Glide installed Revo A 13.6 just do it 💯 still can’t believe how smooth it is now.
John P.
Awesome shocks. And awesome customer service
Gary B.
One of my Revo-A's dumped all the oil when I turned the adjustment knob, so I sent them in for a rebuild. Quality feels great, got them back on the bike, and it rides great. They were received, rebuilt, and ready to ship back out in less than 24 hours.
Only downfall was the shipping. I never thought $40 for shipping would take 14 total days in transit. 🤷‍♂️
David S.
I had 13” Revo-A’s on my 2020 Ultra Limited but I needed to get a little lower for my 5’7” height. Emailed Legends to find out my options and Colt told me they could convert them to 12”. So I sent them in and received them back in less than a week! The conversion got me to the height I needed, and my confidence on my bike has soared! The ride is awesome, and the customer service exceptional!! I highly recommend Legends suspension, and if you just need to convert your original shocks. Thanks guys, you made me love my bike again!!
Anthony da Graça S.
Big Shout out to Jared Kuno who handled my Case from A-Z, I totally love my brand new front & rear Revo A St Suspension. I just came back from 3000+ km ride to eastern Canada and it was a smooooth Ride!
Anthony Di C.
I've been installing Legend suspension for many years with great results. Our customers always rave about how much better the suspension is than the stock Harley suspension. On the rare occasion that we need warranty service, Legend is always excellent.
Black Hills Custom P.
Amazing staff. Took bike in ahead of schedule. Looking forward to our new comfy ride.
Robert New W.
Shout out to the folks at Legend Suspensions! I emailed them 10 days ago about needing warranty work on the shocks I bought six years and 50k miles ago. I just put the replacements for them on today. Hassle free and blazing fast service. Thank you so much. They are worth every penny.
Dave K.
Great product & customer Service!
Bill H.
Matt S and the crew, you guys ROCK!!!
Randy M.
Before power adders buy suspension components from these guys. Such a huge difference. Fast shipping and phenomenal Performance.
Robert M.
Customers are always happy after installing Legend suspension systems. Great American made products with unsurpassed quality.
Danville Moto S.
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