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2021 Street Bob (front and rear)Suspension feels great, bike feels much tighter and rides smoother. Only complaint is that my mono shock costs more then most 2 shocks from them…
Mike Z.
I bought the Legend REVO-A FLH 13” and just to say WOW…are amazing 🤩, I will get the front set asap to update my Ultra Limited 16…can’t wait 😆
I highly recommend these shocks I could not be happier with them.I had to have mine re-built after 5 years of use I sent them in on Monday and they were delivered back to me on Friday. Why they cost a lot is because they actually work and they have a Life time guarantee 10 out of 10 STARS
lee Z.
Great products even better customer service! Would highly recommend them to friends and family!
blake C.
Legend honored there lifetime warranty they advertise.Sent my shocks back after 1 year in use, they repaired and sent back to me within a week.Nice job!
Randy T.
Legends Suspensions products and customer service are second to none. I have 4 sets of Legends products and have logged over 85k miles. I’ve had two occasions that required warranty work, and Legends turn around time was impressive. (Approx 10 days). The improvement in ride quality on my Harley Tourers from the stock suspension is staggering. On those occasions where I’m required to ride a Harley Touring bike with stock suspension I just get mad. Make the investment in Legends Suspension! You won’t regret it!
Will S.
Had an issue with an airline leak that I had caused. Staff quickly answered my email and guided me to their repair products, which were very inexpensive. I ordered and received the exact stuff to perform the repair easily. Very helpful and fast shipping. Thanks
Steve R.
OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM LEGEND SUPPORT TEAM. I had some initial reservations when first considering purchasing the Revo A (1310-0959) rear shocks for my 2017 H-D Road King, from this US supplier and how they would deal with any problems that could arise, given that I live in the UK. This is what happened; whilst on a recent 2,300 mile tour of Portugal and Spain, an issue developed after about 800 miles with the damping on these rear shocks, which I had purchased and fitted back in January 2022. I emailed Legend on my mob and got a reassuring response from their support team the following day offering to send out replacement shocks under their warranty policy. I continued and completed the tour, as the springs in the shocks were working fine. The replacement shocks were sent to me via the expedited UPS service and arrived within a week after I got back to the UK and was able to send the necessary proof of purchase documents. A returns label was also provided for me to ship the old shocks back to Legend USA. These rear shocks provide a greatly improved ride over the OEM shocks and have both pre-load and damping adjustments to suit the varied uses that I put my RK through. The last email I got from Legend Support thanking me for my custom and positive feedback concluded with; “It reminds us every day why we do what we do.” What a fantastic demonstration of customer service excellence.
Andrzej K.
I had Revo A’s installed on the back pf my 13 Harley Ultra Limited and AXEO’s on the front. I knew there would be an improvement, but I didn’t realize how much of an improvement. Harley stock suspensions are terrible in comparison. Legends aren’t cheap, but you really do get what you pay for in this case
Douglas V.
Rear Legend Suspension freshly installed on my FLHX I went on a 5 days Bikecation filled with 1100 miles from Montreal to Americade NY by Laconia NH 99th rally and back! God it felt like a brand new Bike!
Legend Team, You Rock!
Yannick S.
I run a shop in Westchester New York and here we sell all Legend products exclusively we will not install anything else. I know most of the staff there personally and Matt is the absolute best. Best suspension out there and backed by an amazing team. Keep up the good work guys and gals!!
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Mohammed I.
I purchased legend rear shocks & a front end for my 2005 Electraglide in 2016. After about 4500 miles one of the rear shocks began to leak. I contacted legend & they told me to send them in. They set me up with a return label. After completely rebuilding the rear shocks, they sent them back to me. They didn’t charge me a dime for the rebuild. I would defiantly purchase legend suspension again . I would also recommend if u need to replace your suspension on a motorcycle, definitely get it from legend. They are great people & will definitely help u out. No questions asked. 👍🏼
Steve O.
Man what a difference, installed myself and took a long ride and what a change, after haveing two lower back surgeries I hated bumps, got off the bike and no aches or soreness. Thanks Legends
Brad W O.
Great company and even greater staff and products. Had ft and rear installed on my new 22 cvo limited rd glide with less than 100 miles on it . Since then installed on my fiance 19 heritage and just recently installed ft and rr on my freinds 19 cvo limited and a 20 limited . Everyone cannot believe how there bike changed and handling is like a new bike . A product to believe in and stand behindThanks legend crew for a killer productJon and Kim
Jon Van Skiver J.
Game Changer, Bumps on the road disappear Easy Install
Alex B.
Thanks to all the legend suspension crew for hanging out in Daytona Beach and sending me some awesome freaking merch. I'll definitely be rocking this brand and can't wait til I see y'all next year. Cheers folks -ABE
David P.
Best upgrade I’ve done front and rear !
Simon R.
I went out for a ride the day before my Revo’s came to make sure I paid attention to how the bumps felt. I was wondering, “how are new shocks going to change the way these bumps feel?”. I installed the shocks the next day (took one hour and wicked easy) and went for a ride. I couldn’t even feel those bumps from yesterday! Five minutes in and I’m like oh man this was well worth it. I’m already planning for fronts.I decided on Legends over Öhlins because Legends is a USA small business and I wanted to support an American family business. They were awesome to deal with and sent me a nice thank you note. I don’t usually write reviews but when they asked it wasn’t any trouble. You’re totally rad Legends family! I’m proud to be a part of it!
Casey C.
I had a problem with my Legend Axeo front suspension on my 2015 Roadglide after 29k miles. I followed the online instructions per the Legends website and within a day I was sent the paperwork to ship them back for warranty work. I mailed them out and got them back and installed; ground shipping sucks but it is what it is, lol. The ride is back to superb as was the warranty process with Legends. I would not hesitate to buy them again for the next bike. You guys are good people!
Mike B.
After the stock rear shocks blew out on my 2015 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special I tried going cheap and purchased a set of progressive 490’s and the results were horrible, the plastic adjusters left plastic shavings on every turn and the rebound adjustments literally do nothing. The blown out leaking stock harley shocks were better than the pogo stick progressive 490’s I wasted money on. I ended up buying the Legends Revo-A and Axio front kit. What a profound difference, now the bike rides incredibly well and handling is amazing. The rebound adjustment actually makes profound differences and preload adjustments are easy and precise. The new suspension reduces rider fatigue immensely and the big ol dump truck road glide actually handles the twistiest quite well now. Thanks so much Legends for the excellent products.
Eric S.
Best suspension out there. I would recommend to anyone ,worth every penny. Should've done it sooner.
robert B.
I purchased the AXEO fork cartridges and Revo-A’s shocks for my 2019 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited. Installation was straightforward and simple for one who is mechanically inclined and not afraid to get their hands dirty. The initial setting up for the rider and passenger was pretty easy as well. I couldn’t believe to difference in ride quality of the Legend suspension over the stock (but then again it shouldn’t have been a shock) suspension. The ability to adjust preload for any situation and rebound is such an awesome feature to have, without tools or having to take to a shop.If one is questioning whether they’re worth spending one’s hard earned money, the answer is hell yes and I’d do it again.Scott RSoutheast GA
Scott R.
I’m a previous owner of 14” Revo-A on an FXR. The shocks work great. No tool design and rebound adjustability is awesome.However, I found myself constantly working around the shocks because of the abnormal width of the shock body. The shocks are so wide that they will rub on my rear brake caliper and on any set of bags I ran (3 different types).Legends needs to consider a redesign because all of us HD guys are upgrading different parts. Especially bags. 1 last gripe is that again, due to the shock width, the shocks do not sit on the bike plumb when installed. They are almost pointing out diagonally due to the supplied spacers that are required. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing for $900+ shocks.I was tempted to rate at 3 stars but customer service is 5 star and the shocks really are awesome. 10K miles and no functional issues.
Grant B.
I can only say great things about legend. I spent the money on front and rear suspension for my street glide. I love the product i purchased. I most likely wouldn’t of written a review solely off of that. What brings me here is their customer service. Hands down exactly what i look for in a company when doing business. They aren’t just there at the beginning. They are there for you even after your purchase. They will continue to stand behind their product even after the fact. Great job legend. I’m forever a loyal company.
Joseph G.
I can only say great things about legend. I spent the money on front and rear suspension for my street glide. I love the product i purchased. I most likely wouldn’t of written a review solely off of that. What brings me here is their customer service. Hands down exactly what i look for in a company when doing business. They aren’t just there at the beginning. They are there for you even after your purchase. They will continue to stand behind their product even after the fact. Great job legend. I’m forever a loyal company.
Joseph G.
I originally purchased Legend’s Revo A’s for my 2015 HD Fatbob and they were awesome. I upgraded in 2019 to a Road King Special. I contacted Legend to see if they would work on the new bike. Because I’m in Australia, not only did they organise the correct spacers for me through our distributor here, they ensured the set up was correct once fitted!

Excellent customer service and follow up. I love the Revo A’s.

Dan B.
This company has been exceptional to deal with. Even when I had an out of warranty problem they worked with me and took care of the problem. Way above and beyond what most companies would do. And the ride on my 2017 street glide is great :)
Matt G.
I put Revo-A’s on my 2021 Road King Special. I did a lot of research on different types of shocks and other companies. I chose Legends because of the reviews on Legend’s website and reviews on YouTube videos.The shocks are awesome! I call them butter! So smooth!Today, I’m getting the Axeo front shocks installed down at Cox’s Harley Davidson in Asheboro, NC. Can’t wait to ride with this combination. It’s hard to believe the bike could be any better, but I bet it will be double butter! Lol!There is a break in period. It took about 1500 miles for the shocks to really get to be butter. Well worth the wait. The ride quality for my wife and I is outstanding! Don’t hesitate! Buy a set and you won’t be disappointed!The installation of the Revo-A’s is simple. Directions are very easy to follow and setting them up was a piece of cake!These shocks are so awesome! My other friends can’t hang with me in twisties or rougher roads. They say my bike looks like it’s floating over bumps in the road and it on rails through turns. I should have upgraded the suspension first before doing any other upgrade!Anyway, thanxs to Legend Suspension for a butter ride!Jeff
Jeff M.
Great customer service!!!
Julian C.
Sent my shocks in for service, glad I went with Legends. Everyone was great and the customer service is top notch. 5 stars, would recommend.
Michael C.
the work well but am finding a slow leak overnight somewhere. can someone contact me regarding a fix as I'm in Australia
Paul T.
I really want to say thank you for everything that you have helped me with on my new suspension..I got the 13 inch rear with remote Reservoir and the Axeo 21 for my 2020 Harley davidson street glide special with only 9600 miles on her..when we opened the box it was amazing because everything was there to make the installation so easy..I did add the king tour pack to my bike..me and my wife went for a 246 mile trip a week ago and she was very happy she doesn't rides with me much because she has her own bike but I can't say enough about this company and the service..and they also appreciate the Military and 1st responders thank you and I will keep telling everyone I know about there Products ...and I am a very happy customer...Jerry Mayberry
Jerry M.
Got the legend revo A for my harley vrod muscle. Love these shocks, best i have found. Had an air ride system that everyone highly recommend ( not legend air ride) and was not impressed and bought these shocks and its a much better ride
Michael R.
Great Company quick to respond to any issues long story short if something is wrong with any form of a deal or product they are beyond awesome at reaching out and making sure your taken care off.The product works beyond very well. The suspension is flawless. I am now running a complete legend suspension front and rear. Its hard to even begin to describe the ride. A couch on roller coaster wheels.After I spoke and emailed Legend they gave me some personal recommendations.Legend was right on the money I’m a rather large man with a small wife. I have had 5 back surgeries. I have been riding 30 plus years!I have never had such Performance and Comfort out of any suspension on a bike. As a matter of fact I was riding waiting for something to go wrong? It’s that awesome. I still can’t believe the handling difference.I wouldn’t suggest doing the front unless yourself unless your a semi experienced wrench turner. It’s not hard to assemble just very time come summing you have to pay attention!Some little details you can miss!I am now Legend Complete. I would never buy anything else!!!Buy your suspension from Legend today what a ride!!!!!!!!
Stephen T.
About 18 months ago I completely replaced the OEM suspension on my 2019 RGS with Legend Aero-A Air shocks & compressor plus Legend AXEO Fork springs. The shocks gave me trouble after about 6 months and legend ultimately took care of that problem. About a month ago at Bike Week in Daytona my compressor died. Knowing that I needed a quick replacement to avoid hard-tail ride. Unfortunately the $200 + shipping compressor took over a week to ship to my mechanic. Of course Legend will likely NOT warrant the compressor. Not happy.FOLLOW UP: Legend Suspensions immediately reached out to me and fully refunded the cost of the replacement compressor and the shipping + taxes!!! These days it's rare to find a company that will even respond to an amail ... Legend proactively fixed the problem and made me whole.My RGS now rides like a dream ...Thanks you Legend Suspensions
Chuck H.
Just ordered the spacers needed when using frame sliders with the REVOs. Had tons of questions about different shocks and what would be best for my bike and Jared answered them all and more. great service and shipping was fast. Great company with great products.
Josh P.
Legends suspension for the win. The difference you notice from a stock shock compared to the legends is insane. Great quality stuff
Cesar V.
Simply the greatest suspension ever, Thank you for such an amazing product.
Cory W.
just got a set of rebuilt shocks after one of mine was leaking. the bike rides fantastic now and the entire process of shipping/receiving was great!! Thanks Again!
Jeremy S.
I had one of my shocks go bad at the start of riding season. the return process was pretty straight forward and the communication from Legend was great. i knew when they received my shocks and when they sent them back to me. turn around was fast, 3 days to get there, 2 days in their shop and 3 days back to me. Thank you
Jim D.
Best shocks ever. Now my Road King rides like a Cadillac!!!!
Jared and the team over at Legends know their stuff! I sent my shocks in for a rebuild and length conversion. Very quick turn around time!! VERY affordable as well! Can't wait to install and test them out. Thanks again!
craig C.
Product is great! Thanks Gene for the conversation!
Louis P.
My 2021 Road Glide is a different bike now. Thank you Legend...these ROCK!
Jason R.
Ordered rear shocks for my 21 Street Glide Special. They arrived in a timely manner. Just got them installed and the sag set this last weekend. Took the bike out for a short ride on Saturday just to check them out. What a difference. I then went for a 3 hour ride Sunday and was really impressed with the ride. So much better than the rough factory shocks.
Bryan W.
Outstanding customer service. Sent my shocks in for a refresh. Shipped Monday, had them back mid week the next week! I would say "if I didn't know better...." but honestly, I don't know better. They look brand new! I am not convinced they are the same shocks I sent in. Beautiful job Legend and awesome service.
Bill J. F.
I hear they are the best- now soon to experience a set first hand.
Chris B.
Hands down one of the best investments one can make for your Harley! Great support service as well.
I have found Legends Suspension to perform excellent under varying road and environment conditions. I have Revo rears and Axeo front suspension on my 2005 Ultra Classic. I completed 4 corner Continual USA challenge from SCMA and 15 Best roads in NA last year. Over 12 weeks on the road and 23K miles the suspension worked flawlessly. The temperature changes went from 32 degrees in Maine to 106 in Nevada last year. Never felt like I was loosing contact with the road or concerned about bottoming out.
Mike B.
A great company to do business with!
Tyler S.
So I decided to purchase the best shocks available for my 2016 Softail and purchased Legend Revo A. I didn't realize that I purchased the heavy duty version until they arrived. This was my mistake and I expected to pay for it. I reached out to Legend and in first class customer service style they quickly advised me for a nominal charge for shipping they would install the springs free! I just had to send a picture and a receipt to show they were never installed and they hooked me up!I received my shocks just one week later and installed them and Wow! These are amazing, its like I have a brand new bike only with much better handling than a 2022 model!Thank you Legend! You are what all American companies should strive to be!
Michael G.
Legends has been one of the best upgrades I’ve done to all of my baggers. I’ve done front on both and rears on just one. The fronts just feel more responsive while taking the corners and bumps. I’ll never ride without upgraded suspension again. Love my legends..
William C.
I was on the fence on which suspension I was going to use but I knew that the stock junk had to go. I emailed their support team and was walked through suggestions and given solid recommendations. They even took time to answer questions that seemed like I should have known but were very patient and helpful. I purchased the Revo ARCs for my 2021 Road Glide Special and the ride quality is second to none. I am convinced not to put Legend front cartridges in as soon as I can. My girlfriend is wanting a bike of her own and this will be one of the first upgrades she will get. I will have legend suspension on any bike I have from here on out. Thanks for the help and you have a customer for life.
Willie D
Absolute awesome customer care and service!!!! I had a couple of questions about a product that I purchased from them and I sent them an email and they got back to me immediately. Thanks
Gian T.
Absolutely exceptional customer service and turnaround time! I am beyond pleased with this companies 100% customer focused service. I contacted them about a leaking Revo Arc on my 18 rgs an worked with Matt. He informed me that they had been installed incorrectly by the dealership I had mount them. He in turn contacted the dealership to work out the repair & even he even provided support on his personal time. To me that’s above and beyond and truly appreciated. For the repair; Matt sent me a pre paid UPS label to return the shocks. I mailed them out on to be repaired on 2/10, they received them on 2/14, repaired them and sent them back out the same day. I got them back today 2/16, less then a week from when I mailed them out. I can’t ask for more & they have created a life long customer.
Simply the best suspension made for Harley Davidson motorcycles. I've had the Axeo front end kit and Revo-A shocks in the rear for years. I wouldn't ride without it!!!!!
John D.
Always a easy to work with and friendly
Bob H.
Great products, great warranty and great customer service.Had a slow leak in a rear shock 1311-0152 after about 2 years. They send you the UPS label, drop it off and had it back within a week. Top notch customer service. Chase was very helpful
I bought my Legends Suspension in mid 2020. Unfortunately, at the end of 2021, I had to put the lifetime warranty to the test. I submitted a warranty form and was contacted by Jared in Service/Support. Within a couple of days, I had a claim number and was told to ship out my suspension. Once Legends received my suspension, they completed the repair, and were shipping it back within a day! The warranty process was not hard and Legends provided excellent communication too!Bring on the 2022 riding season!!
Will L.
Tyler L.
I contacted Legends about a leak in 1 of my shocks. They issued a RA to me, they had my shocks less than 1 business day and had the repaired shock on it's way back. Great customer service.
John B.
Good evening, first your customer support is awesome! I received my Legends Air shocks and gauge kit last week. I was Able to get my 2015 Limited Low in to out HD Dealer to have the install completed. They completed the install with no issues including the gauge kit into the lower left fairing cover panel. It all looks and operates great! Due to our 27 degree day I was only able to pick the bike up and ride it home, everything operated very nicely on the short ride home. I will post an update asa soon as I can completely verify the sag setting and fine tune the ride pressure. Thank you again for all of your assistance in helping me choose the shock setup for my Ultra!!!
Edward W.
Amazing quality and look set my 2018 street glide off even more, but there is one small thing I noticed an now I can’t stop looking at it and thinking about it but the the adjusters on my reservoirs are two different colors is that supposed to be like that or was it just a mess up possibly????
Richard S.
My stock rear shocks on my 14 street-glide were terrible. Put the revos on and i could immediately notice a big difference. I like them so far. Will probably do the front eventually.
Jeremiah C.
Wish I would have bought the legend suspension way a long time ago. I ran air on the rear to soften the ride for my wife. I was apprehensive about spending the money, fearing the ride wouldn’t improve much, I was dead wrong. It was a great improvement even over air shocks. Then I tossed the front legend inserts and omg! I hit every pot hole I could find, much much better. If your in the fence about buying legend, jump, you will definitely be glad you did. And the customer service is top notch. Do it!!!
Absolutely recommend for 2014 HD trike as the ride quality is so much better
Chip G.
The guys at legend suspension helped me out with all the questions I had about running sliders on my revo arc legends my bike rides like a dream thanks for all the help
Deisel B.
I'm looking to buy air suspensions for a new 2022 Softail.
There's also Platinum and Shotgun that offer a way to adjust stiffness with a switch button. With your product we need to remove the seat to do the same thing. So what would be your selling argument to make me chose your product instead of others?
SimpleTattoo L.
The product is awesome !! Fast shipping and easy install !!! Would definitely purchase again !!! Highly recommend this product !!!!2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim
Tom W.
was notified by the local harley dealer at my 55k service that my right rear legend revo-a shock was blown out. they tried to sell me another brand instead of sending to legend for repair. I opted to take advantage of the lifetime warranty as I love my shocks. Was amazed at the impeccable service and response by the rep at legends. Sent my shocks and had them back and on my bike in less than two weeks. Couldn't be happier.
Pete R.
Thanks Jared from Legend Suspensions for changing the springs on my Revo Arc shocks, communications on emails was fast and turn over at their shop was less then 8 hrs.Thanks
Kirk H.
I recently installed the Axeo front suspension and Revo Arc rear suspension. This is an amazing upgrade. My 2020 Road Glide Special now seems to float over moderate bumps in the road. I'm still dialing it in so hopefully by riding season I'll have it all figured out. I highly recommend Legend suspension.
Vance H.
Best suspension in the game
Sam S.
Love this Company!! American Owned! American Made! No compromise in quality or finish and they support Veterans.What more is there to say!!!RLTW
John H.
I could not be happier! I've been running drag specialties shocks while these were being repaired,, it was brutal,, my Legends Rev-A's have me spoiled!!The turn around on service was amazing as well!!There won't be another shock on my bike! I can't wait to replace my front!!
Calvin P.
Love the new suspension never thought that a shock change could make such a difference only took me about 30 minutes to install with hand tools a motorcycle jack on my sidewalk love the adjustability
Sean J.
Rear air suspension is like night and day to the Rod Glide factory suspension! Easily lowered to accommodate me being shorter. The techs at Legend made great recommendations and were extremely helpful!Now onto the front swap out...
Abe B.
Forget sliced bread. This is the best innovation period! Rides like a Cadillac, handles like a Ferrari. Best suspension and customer service hands down!
roman G.
Highly recommend. Great upgrade. Before you upgrade anything else get rid of the H-D suspension in the rear. Revo-A’s are great. Huge improvement. Just look at the difference.
George Beebe I.
Great air ride shocks, and great customer service. Thanks Legend!!
Adelaido R.
BEST Ride !!! People can't believe that a Harley can ride this GOOD
Joe S.
Bought a set of rear shocks installed myself and couldn’t believe the difference. But then I realized how bad the front was. After having them installed it’s like a different bike. Rides better and safer. No front end loading like stock. Handles better in curves and rides smoother on interstate. Pricey but if you’re serious about riding worth every penny.
Tim B.
Great customer service, they respond to emails about items fast. If there is a problem or you need questions answered about a product they are eager to help find the answer to your questions.
Benjamin P.
My wife and I love our 2013 roadglide but her back couldn't handle the bigger bumps so we bought the heavy duty rear shocks and wow! I was so impressed that I bought the front inserts and wow again! I finally have the big bike to ride double and the sporty bike to run with the youngins!
David H.
I contacted Legend Suspensions about my front suspension on my 2015 street glide and informed them that I changed the front wheel from the stock 19" to a 21" wheel and I felt the front of the bike was skating/lose when I ride. I had talked to Harley dealers, other motorcycle shops and they all said there was nothing I could do about my front with the 21" wheel. I called Legend and talk to Chase and he informed me they make a kit just for this. I purchased the springs, had them installed and my bike rides great. The skating/lose feeling is gone and I feel more confident with the handling on my bike. Thank you to Chase and the Legend staff.
rick S.
Thank you so much for the quick turnaround, I absolutely love these shocks .
Scott A.
I purchased the Legend AXEO FLH Front End Suspension (2014-21) - Standard AXEO FLH 2017-21 and Legend REVO-A FLH - 13" Black REVO-A for my 2020 H-D CVO Limited. The difference is incredible! They do what they say they do. My new suspense eats the bumps and my bike feels so much better. I was anxious to try the new shocks on a familiar rough road and my I went down that road smoother and faster than I ever have before. Incredible difference. Best addition to my bike so far!
Kurt W.
I went with the Revo's on the rear and AXEO's in the front on my 2021 Road Glide. Easy install, fast shipping, much better feel. Stock was too hard in the back, too soft in the front. These are just right.
Chris G.
Fast turnaround time & excellent service!
Ken Z.
One of the best upgrades that I have done to my 2013 Slim. 500 mile weekend ride is a pain free experience.
Doug B.
I’ve had the Revo shocks on my Road Glide for years, had an issue with them, got in contact with Legend, shipped them to there repair department, they fixed them free of charge (love lifetime warranty) and got them back incredibly fast. Great company to do business with.
Garett B.
I had a pair of Legends Revo As on a bike I bought. They were worn out and needed replaced. I contacted Legends and they rebuilt my suspension for a great price. I installed them a couple days ago and I promise it was worth every penny. The bike already rides great and I haven't put the front on yet. I ordered a brand new set of Axeos front suspension and they arrived in few days. I can't wait to get them put on. Thanks to the folks at Legends. Great product, great service.
Jared J.
Sent my 12in revo a’s in to have them do the length conversion to 13’s and couldn’t be happier! They got them on a Thursday and had them done and shipped out by the end of the same day! Thank you guys for the super quick service. I will never ride anything other then legends on any bike I have the ride is amazing and the customer service is awesome!
Jaime G.
From my first contact with the folks at Legends Suspensions, asking for technical information, pricing, shipping, etc. the entire experience has been nothing less than pleasurable and informative.Now, as far as the quality of their products, amazing. I purchased the 13" RevoA's for the rear of my 2011 Harley Ultra Limited and the AXEO front cartridges. The installation of their products is amazingly simple and it is completely spelled out in the instructions that come with the products. In this day of purchasing products and having to find the instructions on your own, or at least, having to decode them, Legends provides accurate, complete instructions, with pictures and torque values.I am just blown away with their company and products.And, finally, the improvement in the ride and handling of my bike is much, much more than I ever imagined.I highly recommend, and have to numerous people, Legends Suspensions if you are looking to improve your riding experience.
Larry D.
Bought my 19 SGS new in September of 19. The stock suspension felt like I was riding on wagon wheels, no joke. I researched suspension and most people recommended Legends. Suspension is expensive so it took me awhile to pull the trigger. I ordered Revo A’s for the rear and Axios for the front. The rears came in a few weeks before the fronts so I had Picos Garage do the install. The rears are nice, more travel. I knew the front was going to make all the difference. Yesterday I had Picos install the front. Holy smokes! I could tell it was worth the price just leaving the parking lot. I rode the long way home, incredible shocks. Can’t say enough good things about them. Feels like I have actual suspension now. Going over railroad tracks now my bike just goes “fa-foomp”. Before it would go, KLA-KLUNK! Hard as hell on the bike, batwing and everything inside the fairing. Now, pillows.
Thanks Legends, you have a long term promoter on the road now.
Daren H.
Very happy with the service and the product ! Matt was very helpful and gave me exactly what I wanted and it was delivered to Waterloo, Ontario in three days!! Thanks again Matt Silvernail!!!
Nigel P.
Excellent product, and it actually has allowed me to ride further and more often. My lower back pain hasn't been an issue since I switched. And the suspension doesn't even notice the detachable tour pack, no change in feel and performance of the suspension. If you are thinking about it. Do It.
Michael L.
great people to deal with always get back to me .awesome product
joe d
These lift brackets make a major difference. Smoother ride, less front wheel wobble, easier turning. I highly recommend these lift brackets for any trike owner. Legend customer service was very professional and responsive.
John S.
Great customer service and great products. Replaced the rear shocks on my dyna with some reviews-a shocks. Transformed my motorcycle. What a great ride now! I can’t say enough how great this business is. Being a sturgis local myself it’s great to see their success in our small community. Definitely a supporter for life now!
Beau “Boom” H.
Should've listened a lot sooner! Just installed the REVO-A on my 2018 SGS and what a difference! Next up, Axeo for the front! Great customer service and shipping was fast!
Jeff A.
Had the Revo A's on for about 3 years. One of the shocks started leaking. Legends communicated quickly and once I prepaid the shipping in both directions, sent them back. I sent them on Tuesday and got them back the next Friday, looking good as new. Great customer service . Just one more reason to go with Legends.
TonyandLeigh F.
Amazing suspension literally feels like I could take this 2021 RoadGlide on a motocross track now. Truly unbelievable the difference from stock
Bryon B.
Went from stock to dirty air front and rear, for under a month. Then went revo arc rear and axio front never more satisfied with a suspension!!!!! Rides like a dream corners so fast! A must have! Money well spent!!!!!!
ken P.
I had my front and rears upgraded on my 2021 RGS this year during the rally. I have put alot of money in this bike and the suspension is my favorite. My wife will agree. The bike now stays planted in the corners and doesn’t bottom out the fronts. I don’t even swerve to miss the bumps anymore.

Chris G.
Love the ride a lot more comfortable on my back
Randy Czarnecki J.
Exceptional products and top notch customer service.
Shane P.
Top notch suspension, and hands down one of the best customer service in the industry. That Allows me to offer the best that service I can to my customers.
Shane P.
I had front and rear Legends suspension put on my 2020 Road Glide Limited while out in Sturgis. I have only ever ridden on stock suspension. I am amazed at the difference in handling and the ride. Worth every penny I spent and the best upgrade I have ever made to my bike. Thanks guys.
Jeff E.
Installed the Revo-Arc on my 2013 street glide before our trip to Sturgis last week. All I can say is WOW!!!! I didn't know that motorcycle riding could be so comfortable and my wife will second that statement. It used to be when I would ride with the factory rear suspension that I was constantly monitoring the road for any potential bumps. After about 10 miles on the Revo-Arc I realized that watching the road for bumps is now a thing of the past. These things just make the ride so smooth and enjoyable, I wish I had installed them a long time ago. When I buy a new HD in the near future it will most definitely have Legend suspension installed on it immediately!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!
Brandon O.
I’m not one to write reviews to often so standby.

I recently installed the revo arc on my 2019 road glide. I have only about 100miles so far but they are amazing. My wife went for a ride with me and instantly complemented the ride change. She didn’t know I got these for obvious reasons $$ lol but made mention of the bike feeling different. Money well spent I need to fine tune them and then I will leave a better review with mileage. My 2020 Roadglide had RWD- RS1 13” in them. These are a smoother ride overall compared to those. Don’t get me wrong that was a quality shock, and I’d recommend them to anyone that wants them. But these legends ride amazing. I will be in the market soon for front suspension and might get the axeo to complement the rears. I normally do traditional spring kits. But I may save up and just do it. The only thing I don’t like is the piggyback mounting. I wish they just made a billet arm like the ohlins suspension has but that’s the only complaint I have. For the money compared I think it’s hard to spend the difference on the yellow brand. Overall happy with this purchase and would do it again. Thank you legend for a quality product.
Mike D.
Awesome customer support and warranty. I sent my 5 year old shocks in for repair because they were leaking oil , I thought they would just fix them and send them back, nope they sent me a brand new pair instead 👍👍 you can’t go wrong with these guys
Chris S.
Awesome ride! road from San Clemente, California to Deadwood, South Dakota no back pain and smooth ride. Had front installed in sturgis now should handle 😎
David T N.
Excellent Custo.er Service. Hard to find in some companies today...
Hink L.
Showed up to Sturgis, I blew a bladder on the rear air ride (my install it was rubbing for about 4K miles) owner wanted to know how I broke it for development. Legend then rebuilt and went over my system and fixed all warranty parts. Great hospitality and customer service. Met one of there long distance riders as well. Had a great time while I waited. We went over everything and now I’m out enjoying the area. Such a smooth ride, well worth the money
David V
Great customer service, easy to work with getting the right solution for me. The suspension changed the bike for the better.
Michael M.
Had the front done with the Axeo21 right at the factory in Sturgis during the rallyMet the owner Jesse and some of his great kidsI already have the Legend on the rear so I knew the front would make the bike handle niceNo more wobble or loose front end feelingThe 2018 Harley Road King handles unbelievable nowWhat a difference in stability when cornering and no more nose diving when applying the front breakThey’re expensive but worth every centVery happy with the product and thank you to Legend and the great staff
Bill D.
Fabulous people fabulous products - my 2015 H-D Triglide rides like it never has with their lift plate and REVO-A shocks and it rides and handles beautifully. First ride I took with them was Boulder Canyon (Sturgis to Deadwood) ice Box Canyon (Deadwood to Cheyenne Crossing) and Spearfish Canyon (Cheyenne Crossing to Spearfish) the handling of the machine was vastly sweeter!!
Mark “Schu” S.
Good Morning Legend Family:I can not only say how happy I am about the air ride suspension I have.. But feel I must point out to future customer the points I have experienced.1. Be sure if having a dealer do your self install these, that the two of you are on the same page as to what you want and are looking for when done!!!2. Be sure that where they or you install the air pump will have clearance after you install it.I say this because I had a dealer install the air suspension on my 2002 Electra Guild Ultra Classic took three trips back to get what I thought I asked for to be installed and it still was not right. but it works great.Wile loading my bike into my new trailer I lowered the suspension. What I didn't know is in lowering the shocks I bottomed out and not only smashed the air compressor but ripper it out from under my bike?? That was a real bummer.I was able to order a new compressor from Legend next-day fixed the mounting plate and reinstall the unit and I now have air ride again.Legend I should point out here you may want to think about sending the four longer screws as extra items when you sell a replacement compressor as you do not know what a pain it is to go find four screws that are long enough to pass through the mounting bkt and in to the head of the compressor.Thanks for reading hope this will help the next customer out there who may have this same issue.
Cliff V.
At Sturgis Rally 2021. My bud recommended them hands down. I first put on the rears revo. Wow what a difference. Next day I got the front aexo installed. My 900 lb CVO handles like a sport bike now in the turns. No mor front diving. This is the best moneys I have spent on my bike hands down. Great customer service as well. Highly recommended.
jeff m
Your legends lift and Revo-A shocks made my 2020 Trike ride like a dream,The stock Harley shocks are Showa made by Honda had no suspension at all it rode just like a hardtail.You guys made my dayThanksScott R. Mueller
Scott M.
Fast friendly service, take great care of your bike.
Wayne S.
just put on the legend air suspension I was running the progressive 944s what an amazing difference Allegiant air suspension is so incredibly comfortable handles incredible Legend is the best suspension I've ever had and I recommend them to everybody
Matt Z.
I have never left a review before. All I can say is WOW. I will never have a bike without them, Never imagined it could ride this nice. Thanks Legend for an outstanding product.
Shawn W.
LEGENDS SUSPENSION Revo Arc’s & Axeo’sLegend Suspension has been my go to from day 1. My first setup on my 2015 St Glide special was the Revo Coils and 1st Generation Axeo slip ins! Definitely was NIGHT and DAY after being installed. I rode my bike cross country from Southern CA to New Jersey and back that following summer. If I didn’t have that Legends Suspension on my glide I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the trip as much as I did.Now prepping to leave from Southern CA to the 81ST Sturgis on my bike through Beartooth Pass then Sturgis then Pikes Peak and back to Southern CA.I have upgraded my Legends Suspension with their Revo Arcs and brand new Axeo Cartridges due to their amazing lifetime warranty. My Revo Coils are perfectly fine after 20k on them and will be gifted to my mechanic for his St Glide.If you want a product that’s built to last and built completely in the USA, who also backs a lifetime warranty program then you need to choose LEGENDS SUSPENSION. Don’t let the other brands fool you! You won’t get the same customer service and response without completing an obstacle course first. I’m not getting paid for this review or anything! This is my full 100% experience with Legends Suspension and the fact that they stand behind their products 100% and support their customers is what makes my choice of aftermarket suspension Legends every time!Thank you Legends Suspension!
Derek M.
I should have made this my first purchase!I have a 2016 FLHTKL bought new. I bought the Revo A's after an email exchange with Eric. He made the recommendations and after my most recent ride with my wife, we both decided we needed to try something new. I've already had the seat re-done by Mean City Cycle, which was a great improvement. But we were still getting beat up during long rides, especially our lower backs. After putting them on Friday afternoon, we set the sag, left them at setting 3 and headed out Saturday morning for a 4 hour ride for lunch. We felt the difference before leaving town. I watched a ton of videos of people saying what an immediate difference they make and frankly found it hard to believe. It's spot on! It is truly a night and day difference in the ride and you'll notice it immediately. We will definately finish up the improvement by doing the forks with the Axeo cartridges this winter! Don't wait, pull the trigger, reach out to Eric and get a set. You will not regret it! Thank you Legend!!!
Patrick L.
Picked up some REVO-ARC Piggybacks (13”) and a set of AXEO fork drop-ins to replace the air ride on my 30 year old FXR. I’ve only had them on for a few weeks but they’re worth every penny. What a difference! My back loves those piggybacks!UPDATE: (900 miles)The fork drop ins are amazing and combined with the REVO-ARCs, I own the twisties! This bike does well on turns anyways, but I’ve increased my speed in hard turns 15%. Partly due to a slight increase in clearance and large part a confidence boost in this bike. Big Thanks to Matt, Jared and Chase at Legend. Great to meet all of ya.If your on the fence, these are made in the USA and have an unbeatable warranty. -LIFETIME!
Papa B.
First upgrade on my new performance bagger build. Only the best and USA made!
Michael W.
Legend suspension by far makes any motorcycle ride like a new bike. I put axeos in my 2009 road glide not only did the front ride amazing and transfer weight better. it made the rear suspension work better as well! i will never look anywhere else due to the quality of products, knowledge of the staff, and the customer service that is unmatched!
Keith B.
The people at Legend Suspension are the best in the business. I installed front and rear shocks on my bike and it was like riding a completely different motorcycle!! I could not believe the change in handling and comfort that these shocks have given me!!
Chris J.
The best thing you can do to upgrade your bike hands down. Legends are the only thing I sell and run because they are the best in the business!!
Garret L.
Absolutely love the new Revo A’s on my 2013 Ultra limited!!! Amazing difference from the stock shocks. Can’t wait to have the front installed next week!!!
Super service, superbe produits!Mon sporster est maintenant un nuage!
William L.
The first thing that impressed me was that Chase actually called me, he asked a couple questions to understand what I wanted. He let me know what options Legend had a little about each then gave me his thoughts on an option and why. Then he thanked me and let me think about it - and make my own decision. I decided Legend. Once I received the shocks (yep, I bought a pair!) and got them on the bike, the ride was great - more importantly my beautiful fiance' said it was the best ride she'd had on the back in the last 5 years from either of my Harleys! We could tell the difference in the first 3 miles. Worth every penny!
Greg G.
I installed the Legends FLH AeroA Air Shocks on my 2019 Streeglide CVO a few months ago. The plan was to leave from San Diego, CA 7/02/2021, and travel up through the Northwest States. I was carrying approximately 14 lbs of luggage on the back of my sled. I weigh 198lbs. I can tell you for sure, that having the ability to change air pressure to the shocks on the fly, was the perfect way to complement this trip. The road conditions, the speed of travel, and the stop and go city driving remained smooth because of the shocks, and was the least of my concerns on this trip.
Rik R.
I recently installed the Revo A 13” and the Axeo front end suspension on my 17 Road Glide. I’m hear to tell you it’s worth every penny. The bike feels so much more stable & comfortable! It’s truly night and day. If you’re on the fence about spending that much money let me reassure you that you wont be sorry.
Mark S.
The best shocks hands down!
Can’t believe I waited this long ..
Grant S.
I started looking for a upgrade to my stock suspension. I realized Legend was made in the state I lived in. That was not enough to sell me. So I did a bunch of research. Saw good , bad and other reviews.

I saw enough good that I started messaging Legend and asking a lot of questions. My questions were all answered promptly. And answered so I feel like I got the best advice. I placed a order directly from Legend. I received it 2 days later. I installed them that same night . My only regret after my first ride was.. that I didn’t make this as my very first modification! What a difference.

I have told people that the stock suspension was like sleeping on concrete and then upgrading to 10 inches of memory foam! I will never own a bike again that doesn’t have Legend suspension!!
Danny Meinke J.
I have an 06 ultra classic. Revo a on the rear and Axeo front, its a different machine. Smoother ride better handling.
Joe P.
Shipping was prompt and installation simple. Was fortunate and did not need to change preload adjustment to achieve necessary 1” sag. First ride made me notice harshness of known road was diminished, but not as much as I hoped. After setting dampening adjuster from 3 to 2, the difference was huge, and what I’d hoped to accomplish with this purchase. Will recommend Revo A shocks to anyone. Next upgrade will be Legend cartridges in the front forks.
Dennis W.
Shocks are easy to install and ride perfect. I was worried I’d set to high with Revo arc with reservoirs because I was running 12 inch shocks before, but they are great. The ride is improved, I noticed it a lot in corners and small bumps. Doing front soon.
Virgil L.
Had stock HD air shocks. 6 years ago "upgraded " to Dirt Air shocks.Didnt like either, HD air shocks truly are inferior to whats on the market. The Dirty Air ride was improved but still not meeting my expectations. Went back to stock after being dissappointed. After much research & thought, decided on Legends suspension. My 04 Ultra is now riding like a Cadillac on 2 wheels, the ride & comfort is phenomenal! I should of pulled the trigger a LONG time ago. Also, the workmanship & quality of the shocks is just outstanding affording me the confidence that Im not riding on my rear wheel breaking my back & spleen! Revo-A !!
Jerry B.
Legend is a awesome company with great customer service. Their products are top notch.
James S.
Top notch product. Unbelievable how much better of a ride these revo shocks give you. Bike definitely sits a little higher going from 12 to 13” shocks. But that was my choice, wanted more travel in my suspension. Great choice too, because the ride is absolutely plush. I’m definitely going with Legend from here on out.Remember, you get what you pay for. 👍🏼👍🏼Great job Legend, hats off to you guys
Anthony G
I installed Burly slammers when I bought the street glide new in 2020. They were the roughest riding suspension I've ever had on a motorcycle. I had a friend tell me to look at the Legend Rev shocks. I spent a lot of time researching the internet on the different types of shocks. The Legends had the most positive reviews from fellow riders. I bought the Legends standard shocks. I am glad I did. The difference in the ride now is night and day. The ride is so smooth and the bumps in the road are not felt anymore. I highly recommend the Legends shocks. The price is well worth it. Best investment I've made
Mark B.
Then I got my REVO A and AXEO mounted on my Harley Road Glide 15… and that's a big change on my bike ..it's a completely different bike now .. can definitely be recommended. Many greetings Michael from Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
Michael Klyver C.
just installed the Revo A's on my 2004 FXDWG. Shocks work awesome but the directions and the suggested OEM parts you need, just throw them in the trash. They are useless.
Chris C.
Just installed Revo-A’s and they are far superior to stock HD shocks. The ride quality has improved in every aspect. Fit and finish is superb!
Dan P.
Matt Silvernail in Customer Services walked me through the process completely. Never thought I would spend $1000+ in motorcycle shocks, but I did. The good stuff isn't cheap and the cheap stuff isn't good, as they say. Installed them quite easily and adjusted them per the instructions. Man, what a difference.Worth every penny....
Toney F.
Huge shout out to the staff at legend suspensions. Top of the line customer service. Thank you for the warranty rebuild on my rear suspension. Rides like a Cadillac. Extremely comfortable. I would recommend your superior product to anyone. I love it
David T.
I want to give yall a big shout out. thank you for rebuilding my rear shocks today. its liking in a Cadillac. I appreciate the customer service and a superior product that I will recommend to all my friends
Dave H.
Only the BEST !! Highly recommend had mine on since 2008 and needed rebuilt completely covered and a fast turnaround. You get what you pay for TOP QUALITY
Angelo C.
The BEST !! High Recommend they make a quality product and stand behind it. You get what you pay for.
Angelo C.
Wow what aride with my new gaz shocks on my dyna glide !!! Just amazing
Eric P.
Great warranty and customer service, And the shocks work great a major improvement over the factory shocks
Ron C.
Love my new Legend suspension!!!I got the Revo A for the back, 13 inch, game changer! Performance, style, and safety! Made in America which I love! The customer service at Legend was top notch! I emailed them for advice and they got back to me within. 24 hours . Lifetime guarantee on all coil suspension. Can’t wait to get the front ones done now. Thanks Legend for helping out this Veteran and his Road Glide!
Patrick W.
Wow us all I can say about the difference the Revo A made in the ride
Shane W.
Matt Silvernail assisted us with an upgrade to our air ride while we were in South Dakota. A very satisfied experiance and highly reccomended!
Paul R.
Revo Arcs work great on our race bikes.
Eric A.
Legend revo A 13 inch best ride you could possibly imagine the difference between daylight and dark y’all dudes knocked it out the park
Chuck H.
I replaced the original air shocks on my 2004 Electra Glide with the Revo A and it was like riding a different motorcycle. I am very happy with the new legend shocks they make me want to ride more. Thanks they are great!
John G.
Installation was very easy on my 19 FLHXS. This upgrade was very much needed. Ride difference is noticeably different. Wish I would’ve done this a long time ago. Highly recommend Legend suspension.
Salvador S.
I purchased the Legend set up for my 2017 Breakout. Super easy installation and the ride is incredible! It's a whole new bike with this kit. Honesty the best part of this transaction was Legend's customer support. The staff at Legend is amazing. This is a great company with people who genuinely care about the products they sell. Thank you Chase and Jesse for a great experience. I'm a Legend Suspension customer for life.
P. W.
I started having problems after a New York pot hole distorted my front wheel. Shortly after I noticed oil coming out of adjuster. I sent shocks in for repair. They mailed me they received them. That was a first for me and impressed me. Not long after that text I received another that they were repaired and are on the way back to me. WOW.I am a disabled vet and after riding for a week with the stock shocks my titanium showed me no mercy.You make a great shock. Even in a 12 inch. Look forward to my next set for the front and when I figure out to up it to a 13 inch and keep it low. Well Worth the price and can’t thank you enough for keeping my wheels on the ground.Dow
Dow P.
Absolutely love my Revo A legends suspension can’t wait to do the front fork suspension soon best product ever
Anthony S.
Fisrt off, great product! I'm very happy with the axeo / revo arc setup on my 2021 rgs. Second, amazing customer support! Within 1 hour of sending in a warranty claim I had a tracking number for a replacement part! Very impressive!
Sean H.
All it took was a day of riding hard twisties and sweepers to feel how much better the bike sticks in corners and how much more stable overall the bike is.
devin S.
After much research, I made the choice to go with Legend REVO and very happy I did! These arrived very quickly and I was amped to do the install. With a little assist from a buddy with motorcycle jack they were swapped out within minutes, sag adjusted slightly and bam!! The ride has proved to be much smoother as expected. Very pleased!
James M.
This by far the best suspension I ever had on my harley davidson motorcycle's. I always used progressive until I put Legend on my 14' TriGlide now that's all I will use, just put Revo A 13" on my 21' Roadglide Limited. The ride, hanging and quality is 2nd to none!!! Can't wait to get the front suspension done.
Steven P.
The improvement in the ride and handling is worth every dime
raymond L.
Awesome products and customer service
Andrew H.
I should have bought my Revo A rear shocks alot sooner it's the best money I ever spent, I have a 2020 Road King Special with a 131 and D and D pipe my bike rides awesome now gonna do the front end soon thank you Legends suspension
Curtis H.
I just completed the Legend Lift Kit, Legend Air 1311-0154, and Air Gauge 2212-0484 installation for my 2019 HD Tri Glide Ultra. The installation was pretty straightforward and had no issues. The change in riding experience from stock suspension to the Legend Air is quite noticeable as it is much smoother and more comfortable. I think it was well worth spending all that money on these Legend products. 👍😁I spent quite a bit of time researching various products and ended up with Legend, based on quality. There you go, one happy customer.😎
Gerard B.
After owning my Legend Revo A shocks for over 2 years and putting approximately 50,000 miles on them between 3 different touring bikes, I realized that one of my shocks was leaking. I went on line and completed the warranty form and after a couple corresponding emails I had my shocks mailed back to them for repair. I had them back the same week looking and working good as new. Outstanding lifetime warranty and customer service.
first thing anyone should do after buying a Harley, no matter what model, is throw on a pair of Legend shocks.
I have a 1997 Electra Glide Classic, and it rides and performs like a new bike. I highly recommend them to everyone!
Dan W.
I bought a set Revo rear shocks for my 17 Ultra, what an improvement from the stock shocks. They were expensive but well worth the money.
John D.
Excellent customer service! My air shocks were leaking fluid and they were able to honor the lifetime warranty and rebuild my shocks. They had a fast turnaround time too! Legend Suspensions are the best! Thank you!
Rob R.
Awesome shocks . Been very satisfied with the Revo-A.We had missing hardware but Justin had it shipped asap.5 star for the product and 5 star for customer serviceWalt
I recently had an issue with my Revo A shocks The staff at legend took care of the problem in a timely fashion and I am back on the road again happy customer
Eric W.
I own a 2018 ROAD GLIDE CVO which I found uncomfortable. I just installed REVO-A COIL at the rear and AXEO21 at the front. The change in behavior of the bike is incredible.I am totally satisfied with this new suspension. I recommend Legend Suspension to any Harley owner who is disappointed with the comfort of their motorcycle.
Jean F.
The quickness of their response was amazing. I reached out to Legends for help and they quickly got back to me and shipped products out super fast. Thank you for all your help.
Julio MOR3NA B.
I had a little problem with h my Revo-A shocks. Went and registered with Legend on their website, followed their instructions and were immediately contacted. I sent the shocks back; I don’t think they had them a day and they were already back in the mail to me. I think they were gone about a week. The service with this company is stellar and would be hard to matched by any company. They took care of me and I will say I am a loyal customer for life. Love my ride!
Mike B.
Although I was highly skeptical, as is my nature, things went ultra smooth with my warranty transaction for my beloved Legend Revo-A's of which I had a seal fail. I had great communication with Matt in customer service and even requested a quicker than normal return time which he promptly got handled for me and for only $15.00 extra I had my shocks back on my bike in 2 days from Sturgis to Seattle! The rebuild by their team, which was completed the morning of the 1st business day after they received them, even included a new set of springs as well as new seals plus they were cleaned up like new, and they returned them in a new box instead of the one that I scrounged up to return them in.All in all, not only are these shocks an excellent upgrade for my Road Glide, but the customer service by Matt and the crew at Legends is amazing.I highly recommend their products and their team
Kelly R.
Great customer service and a special shout-out to Jared, he really took care of me. Highly recommend Legend Suspension products.
Jeff H.
Love my Revo As! Fantastic company and customer service! Really looking forward to installing your Axeo Cartridges in my forks soon. Thanks for the decals you sent me as well! First one on my bike!
Rick P.
My 2009 FLHTCU Ultra Classic got an up grade.
Early this month I removed the crappy Progressive 944 shocks from the bike. you see, I called my LBS (Bigfoot Cycle) and ordered a set of Revo A's. these things are awesome. Last week the same LBS gave me a good deal on the installation of a set is Axeo's for the front forks. The bike has been completely transformed. Now it's like I'm riding on a rail. the dive is gone when I hit the front brakes too. The control in cornering and curves is greatly enhanced as well. Instead of getting another bike I upgraded my bike to become a better bike. I should have done this years ago. Legend Suspension is awesome. thanks to Legend and Bigfoot Cycle. Enjoy the ride.
Van D.
I researched suspension upgrades for a while and reached out to legends they responded the next morning and answered all my questions and gave me several links to answer more questions that I would come up with. After saving some cash I ordered the whole package Axeo front and Air-A rear. When they showed up what an amazing piece of art work they are its almost a shame to hide them. For the install the Directions are easy to follow I'm no mechanic but I can turn a wrench when needed and the install took 4-5 hours to do both. and after riding for several weeks I am so glad I went with Air for the simplicity of changing for two-up with my wife. as for the ride what an amazing difference they have made. Rail road tracks aren't even there anymore. The ride for my wife has totally change for the better and the SG rides like its on rails in the corners... Thank you Legends for the amazing suspension and changing my ride for the better.
William O.
I researched suspension upgrades for a while and reached out to legends they responded the next morning and answered all my questions and gave me several links to answer more questions that I would come up with. After saving some cash I ordered the whole package Axeo front and Air-A rear. When they showed up what an amazing piece of art work they are its almost a shame to hide them. For the install the Directions are easy to follow I'm no mechanic but I can turn a wrench when needed and the install took 4-5 hours to do both. and after riding for several weeks I am so glad I went with Air for the simplicity of changing for two-up with my wife. as for the ride what an amazing difference they have made. Rail road tracks aren't even there anymore. The ride for my wife has totally change for the better and the SG rides like its on rails in the corners... Thank you Legends for the amazing suspension and changing my ride for the better.
William O.
Just purchased the Legend suspension for my 2020 H-D Roadglide limited. Bought the Axeo FLH standard for the front and the 13” Revo for the rear. Absolutely the best money spent on any aftermarket upgrade for any vehicle I have tinkered with. You notice the difference immediately. The bike is tighter and seems glued to the road and no more jarring bumps or the ones that make you go umph, just a perfect ride, who knew that Legend could change your machine. It doesn’t happen with anything else you do. But this suspension is something else, never again will I ride a motorcycle I buy without having Legend aboard when it leaves the dealer. So to Legend I say think you for making my bike as it should have been from the factory!
todd B.
Loving my revo arcs worth every penny
Andrew C.
I sent my suspension in for a spring swap and everyone was very helpful in getting me what I needed. The turn around time was amazing. I sent them in on Wednesday and got them back on Saturday and was able to fine tune them over the weekend. I couldn't be happier.
Guy H.
Fantastic suspension and amazing quality ride!I highly recommend legends suspension of you want high comfort with a high performance ride
Omar B.
I purchased the Legend Suspensions front Axeo cartridges for my 2016 Road Glide Special when my forks were rebuilt during my 50k service. I felt the difference as soon as I left the shop. as soon as I got home I ordered the 12" Revo A's for the rear. I took it and had the dealer install them because I'm that lazy...lol. Upon install the tech and service manager noticed 1 shock was leaking while adjusting the sag. I contacted Legends, Chase Weddle got back to me and asked me a few simple questions and they immediately sent me a new shock without any hassle. I installed them yesterday and all I can say is WOW!! I should've done this a long time ago. They are worth every penny. if you're considering Legends Suspension do not hesitate.

Kosta P.
Just installed the Axeo front and Revo-A rear shocks on my 2013 Fatboy. Easy to do and I'm EXTREMELY satisfied. Smoooooth ride! And the Ole Lady approves. Just suck it up and spend the money, it was hard for me to pull the trigger but I'm glad I did.
John N.
Dealt with Brandon Matt, and Jared. All went excellent, I'm not good with the computer but it was not a problem.. Thanks to all of you!!!
danielle L.
2013 FLTRU, installed Axeo and Revo-A. Unbelievable upgrade! Wish I’d done this sooner. Rear wheel stays firmly planted over almost all road conditions. Much firmer feel and turns are definitely more solid. Handles great! Highly recommend! Next up... Softail shock replacement
Rick M.
I just installed Legends air ride and it took a little bit to get my air pressures right. but now that i have it rides great.
Timothy N.
Just installed Legends Tri Glide Lift Kit on my 2019 this past Friday. Took my first 50 mile ride today. Took a twisty curvy route with 3 roundabouts. My only regret is that I didn’t do this upgrade sooner. Awesome ride, steering and braking. You guys rock😎
Jake M.
Just installed Legend lift and Revo shocks on my 2017 triglide. Improved the steering and rides much smoother.
Rick H.
Finally got the rear shocks to complete the front and back package and you all have the best thing going made me fall back in love with my road glide!!! If you are on the fence about doing this and spending the money it is worth every penny!!!!
Specialk D.
What can I say, I purchased the Axio front end kit and the Revo A's. The Revo A's I installed and they are by far the most wonderful upgrade to my Road Glide Special, the difference is not subtle it is huge! My wife loves the shocks easy to adjust I got it down so when I ride solo or with my wife, I know how many turns and what the measurement should be no tools needed, My front end Axio kit gets installed by the dealer this Friday. I am a member of several Facebook Road Glide pages and I have been spreading the word about my experience with Legend Suspension.😃
David B.
Just took my 2020 Road Glide limited out for the first ride after installing 13” Revo-A shocks. Best money I’ve spent on my bike so far. Ride is 100 times better than stock. Can’t watch to get the coin for the fronts.
Ralph D.
Had the dealership install 13” Revo A Heavy duty shocks on my 21 Ultra Limited. The dealership did not set the sag, so I had questions regarding my weight and settings. Legend answered my email the next day! Great customer service!
Jay G.
Have had my new Legend air suspension for 2 weeks now and love it. Rode it to Daytona bike week last weekend from Jacksonville with no problem. Highly recommend Legend!!
Dave L Williams J.
I ride in the mountains. So much of my riding is hard and fast. Very easy to install on Ultra Limited and WOW what a difference in the curves. No pushing or tire jump in the curves and no more floor board scrapping. Great product!!
Scott P.
10/10 smoothest ride I’ve had for the Dyna. Looks awesome dumped low.
Dion G.
Best upgrade I’ve done on my RG 2015 👍👍🇺🇸
Mike G.
Wonderful group to work with. Had some warranty work done, they were extremely fast, and made the whole process simple. Highly recommended.
Will H.
I will never buy another another suspension. EVERYTHING is perfect along with customer service
Bob O.
I installed revo-A shocks on my 2015 CVO limited in June 2019, very noticeable improvement in ride quality. So I installed Legand front suspension in the front near end of summer 2020 and again felt a very noticeable improvement in ride and handling. At the same time I installed the front suspension I noticed one rear shock leaking already. I have returned both shocks for warranty and they have been good to deal with so far although I did have to pay again to return these very expensive shocks. So I'll see how it goes from here.
Ed H.
Excellent products and customer service!
Derek E.
Great customer service! Answered all questions promptly during purchase last year and quick to take care of warrantee claim. Looking forward to getting my RevoAs back on the bike and ready for spring!
Tim H.
Great personal service- got back with me on questions and concerns promptly and great followup. They really are proud of their products. Great to experience in these days.
Mark-Madelyn S.
I have 132,000 miles on my 2010 Electra Glide with over 80,000 with Legends air shocks. They have rebuilt or just replaced them at just the return shipping costs. I also stopped in and met some at the Sturgis rally this year. Great people, friendly, go out of their way to make sure all is right with their products on your bike. I would recommend their products to anyone, and often do. I am hoping that my using, and unfortunately wearing out the shocks, in a way helps in making them next gen better. Or at least helps in finding out what may wear out. I ride a lot, but do not abuse the bike. Day trips, state wide trips, around the country trips, the shocks make my ride more enjoyable as I can change them on the go with the road or load conditions.
Gary C.
Chase did a great job helping me with my order. I couldn't find my receipt .He worked with me to get my shock rebuilt and also answered Question on my shocks,
Roy M.
Great Company, they go out of their way for service and warranties
Kc A.
I have about 42,000mi on my Legend Air rear shocks.. I called and asked about getting them serviced? I was told $35 for shipping and such unless I had damaged them in some way. I was a little surprised when I got them back! They look and work like new!!! They have a life customer here!!!
Allen K.
easy to work with,shipping is on point,they have great products...stickers would be cool with your order though,thats my favorite part about aftermarket parts.there badges of honor to be worn on the toolbox proudly lol
Dave C.
Chase is the best in customer service
had a slight issue but after speaking with Chase it was resolved in just a few min. I am extremely satisfied and I want everyone to know.

2018 street glide special Revo rear shocks are awesome and over the winter I WILL be doing the front. once again Legend Suspension is an awesome product and Chase is the MAN.
Mitch S.
Two thumbs up to Chase from Legend. I’m a newbie when it comes to suspension options for my Road Glide. He responded to my contact request by calling me directly, taking the time to explain options and discuss my concerns. That may be the job, but his passion for me as a consumer made quite an impression. His effort has given me confidence that I’m buying the best product to meet my needs. Thank you Chase!
Tim S.
Great customer support and top notch products.
David S.
2020 street glide

240lbs fully loaded
Set at 11.5” with weight

Premium ride on decent road. But if you hit a real pot hole your hips still come up through your shoulder blades.
My guess is 13” would have been much more cush.

Also 1000 shock could come with a sticker.
Borden T.
Had legend suspension installed front and rear on my 2020 roadglide special and the difference is unreal. The bike rides better handles better all around it feels like a different bike. If your thinking about getting legend suspension just do it you won't be disappointed. Customer service is second to none I had a quick question and Chase got in touch with me fast. Chase answered my questions and never did I feel like he was in rush to move on with his day everything was explained in detail. Thank you Chase and everyone at legend suspension 🤙
Chris H.
Excellent products! Superb customer service! We are very happy with our new shocks!
Brenda Benson R.
I have a 2013 Limited that I put the Air suspension in. it was the best money I have ever spent after having a slipped disk in my back i was nervous about my trip from Cali to Tenn/North Carolina to ride the Tail of the Dragon... i put in 5500 miles and no issues with my back. we hit some rough terrain that I didn't even feel but my buddy did.
Joe V.