Legend Suspensions




Introducing the 13.6″ REVO & AIR Trike Shocks. This new length allows to raise your trike without a lift kit. 

I love the Legends suspension! Taking long wide turns left or right is no problem at higher speeds. They are excellent on roads that are not in the best shape (Colorado). Huge upgrade and definitely worth the investment.
Cory P.
Installed the Legend front cartridge suspension on my 2019 Harley Electra Glide Standard. WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! What a difference! This was the best thing I ever did to my bike. Staff was extremely helpful. I hope I get to visit their shop someday! Rob
Clovis P.
I purchased legends Revo A shocks and Axeo cartridges a few years ago for my ’16 Road Glide. They have performed great and I’ve put close to 80k on them. I recently noticed a dampening issue and sent them in for rebuild. The service was amazing and I had minimal down time (sent on Wed and received on Fri). I received updates and feedback in a timely manner and even received answers back when I inquired about specifics during the rebuild. I will definitely continue to promote their products to all my riding brothers/sisters. They without a doubt have an amazing product and their customer service is top notch.Wayne “Tip” Tipton
Wayne T.
Excellent product and service. I picked the wrong suspension when placing my order and they fixed it for me. 800 miles later and I should have done this upgrade first. The bike flows down the road so good. I’m definitely going to to the front now.
Mitch R.
I've had Legend shocks on my 2015 Road Glide for 6 years, front and back and noticed a significant improvement in ride comfort and handling over the stock set up from day 1.One of the rear shocks recently started leaking and contacted Legend via their website as they were still under warranty and I had the receipt. They sent me a prepaid shipping label, and I sent both shocks to them and they had them back to me within 1 week fully rebuilt and looking like new.Excellent customer service and support!
Mike C.
Just got the suspension on yesterday and put about 20 miles on it. The difference in the Legend REVO-A vs. Stock is night and day. Passenger says she can handle the thinner seat now without issue. The rear wheel felt firmly planted even when pushing into some twisties. If you are on the fence, just go ahead and do it, you will not be disappointed.22 FLHXST Street Glide ST
Jeremy P.
I had purchased a bike with legend suspension and the guy crashed the bike scratched the shocks up etc. The suspension was still under warranty. I contacted legend since I was not the original owner I would have to pay to have them fixed up. I was going to give them a 4 stars for this however Covid came. I could not sent the suspension in. A year after Covid I reached out again and was charged to fix them again with a price increase. This time the warranty was up. They get 5 starts for working with me understanding my issue. They worked with me on price and fixed my shocks as if I got a brand new pair. Clean shiny black out basic legend evo. Thank you guys for being real and hear is a real review . You guys rock ! The only thing I would say is new owners should have the option to keep the warranty or purchase a warranty.
Quick N.
Bought my new revo a shocks in 2021, went out for a two up ride and adjusted my shocks a couple clicks. Noticed that both shocks started to leak around the adjustment knows. Contacted legends and filled out the return on the internet, which is pretty easy, they sent me a return slip for UPS. Took the shocks in to UPS on Tuesday and Legend sent me an email that they arrived. By Tuesday of the next week they had finished up the repair and turned them over to UPS for shipping. Also received on email from Legends giving me all the info that they are repaired another one for the shipping info. So in just over a week had the shocks off the bike and back on the bike in just over a week. All done under warranty. So would say top notch customer service.Thanks Legends for a job well done.
Tony B.
Amazing product I had a small Leak on my suspension I email customer service and they responded very fast I had to send both suspension and right away was fix less then 1 week I only had to pay for shipping and I'm happy with my suspension
mike R.
First off I want to mention when I first purchased their suspension on my 18 Roadglide...I bought the axeo and revo arc setup. Right off, the packaging was great. You can tell just by that at first the attention to detail from Legend. Then the actual suspension product. The fit and finish was top tier. Once installed my bike was completely transformed. I looked at Ohlins, Fox etc and was impressed with Legends because of their smaller company brand and the fact that they are located in SD. Fast forward a few years....had a issue with one of my rear shocks leaking. Sent an email, and was advised that it was operator error pretty much. They made it super easy to send back for repairs on both shocks. Once I sent them back I received an email from Legends with an update on like a Thursday morning at 9 am that they recieved my shocks...then that same day at about 2 pm I received an update and they advised that my shocks were rebuilt and shipping out that day. Nice! I got the shocks back to CA in 4 days. I opened the box and my shocks looked brand new. Like really brand new. I will be a Legend loyalist for sure. Thanks Legend.Ps. Can you guys make a reservoir mount off the rear fender similar to the SE ones? Lol! Thanks again!
Michael M.
I cant say enough good things about Legend Suspensions. I've been running their 14" Revo Arc Touring shocks for almost 2 years. Those alone made a huge improvement. I'm now running the +2" front suspension to match the rears. What a massive difference so far. Legends rebuilt my rear suspension and had it done and back faster than 2 jiggles of a jackrabbits... well you get what I mean. The products sold me, the customer service sold me for life.
Michael A.
All it took was a day of riding hard twisties and sweepers to feel how much better the bike sticks in corners and how much more stable overall the bike is.I would also like to add that the customer service is grade A with exceptional process time on warranty work!
devin S.
Matt S and the crew, you guys ROCK!!!
Randy M.
This company is outstanding very helpful and fast shipping...I would highly recommend that you buy from thus company. Remember you get what you pay for definitely not the cheapest product but definitely the BEST
J W.
Customer service is outstanding. A total of 5 days from shipping to Legend and shipping back. Incredible customer service. That’s why I went with Legend from the great reviews and of course on how great your product is. Thanks to everyone over at legend Suspension.
Ricardo G.
Before power adders buy suspension components from these guys. Such a huge difference. Fast shipping and phenomenal Performance.
Robert M.
I purchased a set of Revo As for my RG Sept 2022. I bought on recommendation of a local shop and had salesman order for me. Do your OWN research!!!! He ordered me the 12" shocks with Heavy Duty springs (Made for 500 lb of passengers and gear). At 230 lbs, running with tour pack on, the ride was not bad but not what I expected. I lost 30 lbs and removed tourpack, readjusted the sag to the point where spring was bottomed out and could only get 5/16" sag (1/2" required). #1) sag must not have been adjusted correctly at first and #2) the 13" shocks w/ regular springs (I don't ride 2 up and would never get close to the 500+ lbs needed for HD shocks) would have given me a better ride. I contacted Jared at Legend Suspensions and he was able to convert my 12" shocks to 13" and replace HD springs with standard ones. This cost me $260 (kind of an expensive lesson to do my own research) but after receiving them, installing and setting sag, it was night and day difference. Bumps in the road are absorbed and not transferred into my back like I'm riding a hardtail. Call them, explain your riding style and install yourself. You will need a bike jack, ratchet/socket, some locktite, a tape measure and a partner to set final sag (just twist the springs). Thank you Jared and Legend Suspensions
James N.
Le top de la suspension pneumatiqueaucuns regrets
Customers are always happy after installing Legend suspension systems. Great American made products with unsurpassed quality.
Danville Moto S.
Great company to do business with and the service department is great thank you everyone for all your help
william E.
Ver\y easy to work with and helped me without any problems
Scott H.
Opened up a appointment for me traveled from Michigan to Sturgis .Wow great person chase...Meet and greet .Now for the test ride !
Jesse R.
My Legend Revo A's improved the ride of my UltraLimited significantly. Also the lifetime warranty is a wonderful added piece of mind.
Mark C.
The Legend Revo Suspension is a quality product that provides a comfortable and smooth ride. It was easy to install and the durability make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their suspension system. Highly recommended!
A C.
Got the Legend Air A shock for my 2020 Softail Slim. I like the adjustability -can roll around town "slammed" or air it all the way up for highway riding. Install pretty was straight forward. No issues. I'm happy with it.
Robert R.
Great Products!!! Have front and rear on my bike and on all of the Khrome Werks show bikes. They all ride GREAT
Trevor C.
I remember meeting Jesse and the boys their first Daytona Bikeweek, its been a 20+ friendship. I'm happy to say I finally put an Air Suspension on my bike and went with the OG. They did not disappoint. Thankful to have the BEST in the business on my bike!! Thank you Legends for many years of providing top quality to all of us!
Renee D.
I am happy the way it changed the handling of my 19 UL. it handles the corners a lot better. Smoother ride. Don’t feel all the bumps as much. after 50,000 on stock shocks this is a big difference. I would definitely recommend legend to others.
Scott from Connecticut.
Scott K.
I noticed over cold days my shocks would leak I emailed legend and explained what was going on they emailed me right away with a solution I paid my invoice and they sent me a shipping label I am very pleased with the turn around they did and the job the shocks look brand new every peace of hardware redone right keep up the good work team.
Highly recommended these shocks and company.
Devin M.
Made my bike ride brand new set the shocks up for my side care awesome
Justin G.
So I just installed the axeo front suspension, as well as the revo ark piggy back for the rear as well. All I can say is my bike feels better than when I bought it brand new. It feels safer when I have my lady on the back. Just want to say thanks you for making a quality product and I will be recommending to anyone.
Jonathan B.
Love the ride! Had a bad shock right out of the box. Contacted them they sent me a brand new pair out. My only disappointment is on my 2004 heritage is you cannot change the transmission oil with out removing the shocks!
Chad C.
I ride and pull the camper on Legends. Proper suspension is not just about comfort, it’s also about safety.
Steven R.
I love the way my street glide handles. I have Revo A on back and the cartriges up front. No rear end wiggle no front wheel hop or wobble. In the twisties the bike just feels way more confident. Worth the invesinvestment for sure.
Mark S.
I purchased revo A 13 for Christmas and was extremely satisfied with the ride. I quickly realized that with my height, I should have done 12s. I contacted Legends in regards to my issue and they were able to send me a shipping label for me to ship shocks back to them, converted them to 12s and shipped back to me in 1 week at a very cheap price. I live in SC so that makes this turnaround unbelievable. Thank you for your timely work and customer service. I am a customer for life.
Bennie S.
I had new suspension put on my 2006 street glide at the rally this year it made it ride like a brand new motorcycle would recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it
Nathan O.
Got new legend suspensions over winter. I ride around lake Michigan and superior every year. It’s 1500 miles in 3-4 days. It was tremendous to have the new suspension!!! I highly recommend this product
Chris B.
I purchased rear suspension for my 2021 Street Glide while I was at Sturgis this year. I’ve put 1500 miles on my bike since then and I’m very pleased with the ride. My friends say I’m riding on a couch. Well worth the investment as I have a trashed back after 40 years of riding. No regrets!
Gene B.
They are a lot better than stock I can say that. They are pricey but it was all worth it when I visited the store in Sturgis and found I had the wrong shocks on my bike. They were recommended by the dealership but were to stiff. You earned a customer for life when you recommended to change them out for something that would work better for me free. It made the sting of the price go away
Tom P.
Put in new legend rear suspension on my Electra Glide. Felt like I was riding a pogo stick. Stopped at Legend Headquarters in Sturgis and the fellas determined that my shocks had a 130 spring in it and was one inch to short.
Without any fuss I was able to leave my bike there.
The crew at legend replaced my 130 spring with a 110 and lengthened my shock one inch.
It feels like I have a total different bike, rides like a dream now.
Thank you Legend for caring and helping me out.
Super Service, super product.
Patric N.