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If you're under 6', you are under OEM standard rider height, but you don't have to sacrifice ride quality to reach the ground with flat feet. Legend lowers your seat height up to 3", giving you secure footing and increased control, as well as a boost of confidence. Air up on the go for a more comfortable, smoother ride and never bottom out again!


Solo Rider

From average height and light weight, to tall and heavy, if you ride alone there are several Legend options to improve your ride. Get a smoother, more comfortable ride that increases performance handling. Adjust the spring rate, while on the go, to your preference and never experience harsh bottoming out ever again.


Long Distance Rider

Riding lots of long miles makes a smooth and comfortable ride essential. Legend provides these elements along with better handling & control, resulting in less abuse on your body & reduced fatigue. Handlebar controlled air systems also allow you to adjust for changing road conditions easily as you ride.

Lowered Look

Be it custom or stock, some bikes just look better low. With Legend you don't have to give up a quality ride to get that awesome look. Legend will keep you looking cool & riding smooth & safe. Use Legend Air to ride low, then air up for added comfort on the go, or push the button to "drop" the bike and the jaws of those who are watching!

Quality Ride

You have high standards for a reason and you don't have to compromise them. Legend offers the highest quality products in the industry, backed by a lifetime warranty. Legend products are engineered for optimal handling, control and safety. Nothing compares to the performance and quality of Legend - Everything else is a compromise!



Riding 2up, with luggage, and/or a trailer means you need a suspension that can handle a load & change with your needs. With Legend you can quickly & easily adjust the spring rate for changing load or road conditions, & still get the best possible ride. Legend keeps your passenger comfortable & happy, and a happy passenger makes for a happy driver!

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